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BSOD driver_power_state_failure

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    BSOD driver_power_state_failure

    First of all, my apologies if the file I attached doesn't work. I left the computer alone for 10 minutes (big mistake) while Windows 8 Log Collector was finishing and when I returned, BSOD again. When I turned on my computer again, the W8 folder was there on the desktop. Please tell me if it doesn't work, I'll do it again if you need.

    I'm getting worried about this. The original OS was Vista. My computer didn't came with the CD, but as it is an Acer, there is something installed that can burn windows Vista into a DVD. Whenever I needed to format it and reinstall Vista, it would install the drivers too. When 8 came out, I dual booted it with Vista. I forgot to install the drivers, but it never had BSOD's, just occasional freezes.

    Unfortunally, Windows Vista had 2 BSODs last week. Once I was watching a film on Media Player and on the other I was playing Tetris Battle on facebook. The BSOD was that driver power failure, but I was stupid and instead of searching for that on the internet, I decided to remove Vista and install Seven.

    I used DriverMax to backup the drivers and then I installed Seven. Seven overwrited Windows 8 boot, so I couldn't use it. I was trying to repair Windows 8 with the DVD, but it didn't recognise it, so I formated Windows 8's partition and installed it again. This happened last Sunday night, and everything was fine.

    Monday I started installing the drivers. First I installed it on Windows 8, and everything was working good. Next, I was going to install the drivers on Seven, the first ones had no problem, but when Drivermax started installing the Graphics Driver, I had the same driver power state BSOD. I thought it was a coincidence that that hapenned while installing that specific driver, I thought it happened because of the lack of drivers. I restarted the computer and everything kept installing the drivers and I had no problem.

    As you might guess, the problem continued. Monday night seven had a BSOD, Tuesday I had another. I also noticed that if closed my computer's cover (not sure if that's what you call it in english), by the time I opened it again, the screen would be all black and the only thing I could do wass turn it off on the power button. I figured out there was something wrong with the drivers and decided to search for a solution on Windows 8 (at least the BSODs are more friendly. BSODs scare the hell out of me).

    Yesterday I was searching for a solution on windows 8, and obviously I had BSODs on Windows 8. Other weird things happened. For example, everytime I have a BSOD here, the countdown to restart stoped at 1 second and never restarted. The other thing was even more weird. You know that black screen that only says Windows 8 and has a few dots going around, before the "choose your system" screen? Well, the dots go around and around for ten minutes if I don't do anything. If I turn it off on the power button and immediately turn it on again, it will load normally. If I wait more than 1 minute, it will happen again, the dots will be going around to infinity. That happens everytime I turn the computer on now! (I took more than 1 minute to turn it on again, so I had to turn it on three times, which caused it to start the auto-repair. that booting problem is solved by now.)

    On my search, I found on seven forums a person who had the same BSOD and it got solved when that person changed the display time, so it would take longer to turn off. I did teh same thing, hoping it would work. I left my computer on, had dinner and when I came back, BSOD!

    I have no idea of what to do. It's probably the graphics driver, hope you can find out if that's the one and tell me how to fix it. Also, if you find out a way to fix Windows 8, will the same thing work for 7?

    Thanks in advance. Anything else you need from me, just say a word.
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    WCP / Win.7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1.

    The three crashes were related to o2sd.sys O2Micro SD Reader Driver from O2Micro..
    Yours is dated 2007.
    Please remove it or at least update it.

    Other drivers needing updating.
    snp2uvc.sys	7/02/2007 9:35:08 PM		0x80018000	0x801be280	0x001a6280	0x45c9ab5c						
    1394BUS.SYS	8/02/2007 1:04:45 PM		0x8fe5d000	0x8fe6a080	0x0000d080	0x45ca853d						
    ohci1394.sys	8/02/2007 1:04:50 PM		0x8fe4d000	0x8fe5c200	0x0000f200	0x45ca8542						
    b57nd60x.sys	9/02/2007 10:03:14 AM		0x90a9d000	0x90acc000	0x0002f000	0x45cbac32						
    AGRSM.sys	10/03/2007 6:55:58 AM		0x80451000	0x8056d160	0x0011c160	0x45f1bbce						
    sncduvc.SYS	30/03/2007 10:10:06 PM		0x801cd000	0x801d3d80	0x00006d80	0x460cf00e						
    igdkmd32.sys	31/03/2007 5:57:35 AM		0x90428000	0x90a0e000	0x005e6000	0x460d5d9f						
    o2sd.sys	2/04/2007 7:11:06 PM		0x818f3000	0x818fbb80	0x00008b80	0x4610ba9a						
    o2media.sys	3/04/2007 1:04:27 PM		0x818c2000	0x818cbb00	0x00009b00	0x4611b62b						
    NETw4v32.sys	9/08/2007 2:26:03 AM		0x8fc24000	0x8fe4d000	0x00229000	0x46b9e08b						
    SynTP.sys	8/09/2007 5:16:58 AM		0x8fe87000	0x8feb4700	0x0002d700	0x46e1959a						
    RTKVHDA.sys	20/12/2007 9:00:35 PM		0x80213000	0x80401d80	0x001eed80	0x476a3d43						
    KMWDFILTER.sys	29/04/2009 5:12:12 PM		0xaa010000	0xaa019000	0x00009000	0x49f7efbc
    How To Find Drivers:
    - search Google for the name of the driver
    - compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
    - visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
    - if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.
    - - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference Driver Reference
    - - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: Drivers and Downloads
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    I'm very grateful, JMH! BSODs stopped. Do you know anywhere where I can find some kind of generic SD card reader driver that might work here without causing any more trouble?
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    You do need the correct driver and probably can find an updated version form the mfr that wont cause you difficulty. If there are no win 7 drivers, you can use earlier but they need to be installed in compatibility mode.
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    I will try to find the drivers, thanks zigzag!

    I'll mark this tread as solved.
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BSOD driver_power_state_failure
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