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Keyboard/Mouse Stop Working After BSOD only in BIOS

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    64-bit Windows 8

    Keyboard/Mouse Stop Working After BSOD, only in Windows

    Hi there,

    I uninstalled Intel Smart Connect Technology after experiencing a BSOD that seemed to be caused by a related driver. When the uninstallation tool asked if I wanted to restart now/later, I chose to restart now, which was followed by another BSOD.

    Now I can boot into Windows just fine but neither my mouse or my keyboard are working. They work in the BIOS but as soon as Windows is loaded, they stop functioning. I've tried resetting my CMOS but this did not solve the problem. I've also checked that they are enabled in the BIOS.

    I would try a system restore but Windows 8 doesn't seem to allow me to boot into repair mode without actually going into Windows first, but I can't do it from Windows because of my malfunctioning peripherals.

    I can't use the Windows 8 installation disc to repair because as soon as the message that says "Press any key to continue" comes up, my keyboard stops working. However, it seems I can force the PC to boot from the CD which after a bit of a wait gets me to the Windows installation screen, with my only option being to completely reinstall Windows.

    I'd like to avoid that if possible. Does anyone have alternate solutions?

    Edit: Obviously I cannot post the minidump files so I'm sorry for not following the posting rules to the letter :S
    Edit2: I am able to enter Windows Repair Mode with the Installation disc, but there is no option for Safe Mode and when I attempt to System Restore, I get this error message: "To use System Restore, you must specify which Windows installation to restore. Restart this computer, select an operating system, and then select System Restore."
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!

    Try starting the system and then shutting it down by using the power button to turn it off.
    Try it 3 times and see if that will allow you to get into the repair

    What happens when you reboot and look for the option to select an operating systems?
    What other options do you have for the repair/restore/reset/refresh?
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    Hi, thanks for the response.

    I've already reinstalled Windows and everything is fine now.

    I was able to get into repair mode through the installation disc, but attempting to restore to an earlier point would fail with a message that there was no existing Windows installation. I tried to force safe mode through the command prompt and same thing. Once I finally decided to try to reset the PC, same thing again. Which made no sense to me as I did have a Windows installation and could boot to it without any problem other than the keyboard/mouse issue. I eventually just had to do a completely clean install. Thankfully most of my data was on a separate drive.

    I guess the upside is that I don't have to deal with Windows 8.1 now.

    Sorry to take up your time! You guys do an awesome job here.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Glad to hear that you fixed it!
    Thanks for letting us know!
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Keyboard/Mouse Stop Working After BSOD only in BIOS
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