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Unexpected shutdowns on new desktop - Please help me!

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    Hi, concerning the DVD drive i found that another user with the same dvd drives of Samsung had the same issue and solved it by installing the new firmware that Samsung released for this dvd drive.I ll install it tommorow and see what happens.As for the external hard drives if the problem will persist, i will ask the technician of the store if he can replace the PSU by giving him some money.He hasn't seen the problem when it occurs, he thinks everything is ok and therefore he cannot replace it for free.

    The next days i will start connecting the other peripherals one by one except from the wacom mouse.I ll give you feedback and if i have no BSOD with them i will mark this thread as solved and will try by myself to figure out the problem with the freezes when using external hard drives.

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    So i have bad news. The 2 problems continue. The PC freezes after heavy use in Adobe Bridge and also the 2 dvd drives are disappearing and reappearing.

    I ask a friend of mine that has knowledge over PC problems and told me that probably the PCU Watt are not enough for the machine i have and i probably need a 850 Watt PSU instead of 650.He told me that my graphic card absorbs a lot of Watts and this along with the processor may need a bigger PSU.

    I ll ask the store if i can give them back the PSU and buy with some more money a bigger one.I hope they will accept it and i hope that the new PSU will resolve the problem.My hopes are low as i personally think that 650 Watt are enough and i also thing the the problem is the motherboard.
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    Sorry to hear that mate. Due to the nature of the issue you are facing, it is impossible to figure out the culprit without swapping components. Although 650 watt is enough for your configuration, a higher watt PSU won't do any harm. Also there is a chance that the current PSU might be faulty (ie, failing under full load). If the store agree to replace the PSU, that is the first step to do. Otherwise i would go with RMAing the MoBo.

    I really hope you will be able to sort out the issue real soon.
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    The following days the problem will probable be solved.The tech department of the store that sold us the PC, agreed to replace both the mb and the cpu. I expect that the problem will be the MB as i run 2 tests that proves it. Firstly , when the dvd drives disappeared i disconnected the power supply from them and reconnected.The dvd drives reappeared. The power supply comes from the MB. Secondly when the PC froze and closes unexpectedly several times with one external hard drive connected, i unplugged the external hard drive from the usb port of the motherboard and plugged it in the front usb port of the case.The PC didn't froze,didn't shutdown.

    I will inform you the following days if the replacement of the MB solves the issue so as to as to mark this thread as solved.
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    Thanks for the updates. It will be helpful for anyone suffering from the same symptoms .
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    Problem solved! We changed only the PSU and no shutdowns any more. It was faulty.Thank you for all your help.
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    Very glad it worked out. Apparently that was the very first step that I suggested in post #3.
    Thanks to Anshad to stick with your problem, rep was given to you.
    Cheers !!!
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    Τhe problem came back again. Let me help you remember the problem and all the steps i have done :

    Problem No1 : PC suddenly freezes at random for 1 minute and then PC shuts down without BSOD.

    1st solution i tried : Format and reinstall Windows and update all the drivers.
    Result : Problem not solved.

    2nd solution i tried: I removed all the external usb components except the mouse and the keyboard in case they caused a conflict.
    Result : Problem not solved.

    3rd solution i tried : Replaced the mouse and the keyboard in case they were defective.
    Result : Problem not solved.

    4th solution i tried : Ran a program that tests all the hardware ( i don't remember the name of that problem but it was one that was suggested here). No problem found by the program. I also ran windows memory diagnostics ( not memtest).
    Result : Problem not solved.

    5th solution i tried : Replaced the PSU.
    Result : Problem solved for almost 3 weeks. Then it came back again.

    6th solution i tried : Replaced the MB.
    Result : Problem solved for almost 1 month.

    And then something happened that got me again frustrated. The problem No1 was solved but another problem appeared that also brought back the problem No1.

    Problem No2 : Even if the boot order was 1) My internal hard disk, 2) CDRom , 3) usb disk, the PC couldn't boot Windows when an external hard drive was connected to the PC before boot. If an external hard drive was connected then the BIOS was forgetting the boot order i had set and was putting by its own the external hard drive as the 1st boot device.

    1st solution i tried : I went into BIOS and in boot order i disabled all except my internal hard disk.
    Result A: Problem No 2 solved!
    Result B : After the fix of problem No 2 , problem No 1 came back!!!

    After all these, i tried to understand what the hell is happening with this PC. So many solutions, so many changes, so many replacements for 1 year, so many hours spent and all for nothing!

    So today, i thought of something that had never crossed my mind. I thought : Why BIOS forgets the boot order? Is it maybe because it looses sometimes my internal hard disk , so it goes to the next boot device ? Why for 1 month everything works great and then the problem of sudden freezes and shutdowns happens again? Is it because after the 5th and 6th solution i had my hard disk formatted with new clean install of Windows 8.1, Programs and drivers?

    In conclusion : Is my internal hard disk the one that is failing when it is loaded with many data and causes all the problems? After all the internal hard drive is one of the 3 hardware components that i haven't replaced since the problem occured. The other two are the RAM and the VGA.
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Unexpected shutdowns on new desktop - Please help me!
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