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Unexpected shutdowns on new desktop - Please help me!

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    Please follow the below steps.

    1. Update or remove the mouse driver.

    WacomVKHid.sys              Fri Feb 16 04:40:54 2007 (45D4E87E)Wacom(tablet) HID filter
    wacomvhid.sys               Fri Feb 16 22:59:28 2007 (45D5E9F8)
    Wacom Virtual HID Device Driver
    wacommousefilter.sys        Fri Feb 16 23:42:17 2007 (45D5F401)
    Wacom(tablet) Mouse Filter
    MBfilt64.sys                Fri Jul 31 09:10:32 2009 (4A7267B0)
    Realtek HiDefinition Audio driver (file labelled as Creative Audio Driver) - Was found in the latest Win8 version available from Realtek on 07Sep2013
    As you can see, current version is very old (from 2007) and may cause serious issues with "Windows 8". Check win the manufacturer's site for an update. If none available, you should uninstall the driver completely from the system.

    2. Update wireless driver.

    Your WiFi adapter is using "Ralink" chip (now "Mediatek") which is known for buggy drivers. Please uninstall the current version completely from the system and install the latest version which can be downloaded from the below link.

    MediaTek - Downloads Windows

    Just enter your E-Mail address at the bottom and the download will begin.

    If the issue remains, upload the latest crash dumps along with the "Speccy" snapshot .

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    Thank you for your help.I ll do what you suggest for both drivers and i will give the the speccy info.The problem is that i have tried all Wacom drivers and that's why you see now the old one in my system.The latest driver didn't prevent the crashes.Today the computer started crashing again.No change had been done since yesterday.I didn't inserted the wireless adapter and didn't unable the wireless driver.Nothing at all changed and still yesterday-> no crash in many hours, today-> 2 crashes in 6 hours.This is c r a z y.

    And something that appeared again ( it had appeared the first time i have bought he PC and installed Windows ) : The 2 dvd-rw vanished from my computer and the device manager when i inserted another wireless adapter.I restarted the PC without the wireless adapter and they appeared normally.

    Why is this happening? How can every usb wireless adapter i use, affect the dvdrw????

    I will do a format tomorrow,reinstall Windows, install the driver you suggested for the wireless adapter and i will give you then feedback.

    I am not an expert, you know much more than me but i think that the MB is the problem or it's drivers.)
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    When you re-install Windows, don't install the Wacom mouse driver. Let the mouse to run on standard Windows driver.
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    If i remember correctly the Wacom Intuos doesn't work with Windows driver so i am forced to install it's driver after the format from here : Drivers | Wacom

    Can i ask you 3 questions ?

    Question 1 :

    Yesterday the PC crashed without the wireless adapter and the Wacom mouse attached.My sister used an ordinary Microsoft mouse.Does this tell us something about the problem? Can the Wacom driver cause a problem without the Wacom mouse attached? If i disable the Wacom driver, disable the wireless adapter, remove the devices from the usb ports, and the PC crash again, will it mean that the problem is not caused by these devices and drivers?

    Question 2 :

    If you have a PC that runs perfectly on Monday for 10 hours and then on Tuesday morning you open the PC and it immediately freeze and shuts down while finishing loading the desktop , what does it tell you? The drivers were working fine on Monday night and didn't work on Tuesday morning????

    Question 3 :

    From your experience, can a case produce unexpected shutdowns? I have this :
    Carbide Series® 200R Compact ATX Case - Carbide Series - Cases
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    A cabinet can't cause a BSOD but a failing power supply can. I advised you to update the drivers merely because they are outdated. It is more and more feels like a hardware/compatibility issue to me.

    Please post the "Speccy" snapshot i requested. It is necessary to decide what to do next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anshad Edavana View Post

    A cabinet can't cause a BSOD but a failing power supply can. I advised you to update the drivers merely because they are outdated. It is more and more feels like a hardware/compatibility issue to me.

    Please post the "Speccy" snapshot i requested. It is necessary to decide what to do next.
    The PC crashed with the new wireless driver installed ( the one you suggested ) and the latest Wacom driver after fresh install of Windows.As i got mad, i took the PC and left it to the technicians of the store i bought it.So for the moment i can't provide you the speccy snapshot as i don't have access to the PC.I told the technician that i am not going to get it back until the PC will crash on his hands.

    So i ll report back to you after the report of the technician.Thanks for your help so far.
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    As i told earlier, there is either a faulty or a mismatching component in the system (probably RAM ?). A PC tech can easily find the culprit by swapping components one by one. Keep us updated .
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    The technicians have the PC in their store for 2,5 days, they didn't change anything and the PC has no freezes and unexpected shutdowns.The pluggeg in external hard disks, wireless adapters, mouse, keyboard and played dvds.Nothing happened.The PC is running great in their office.

    So this means logically that one of the peripherals in my sister's office is causing the crashes or the electricity sockets.
    The peripherals are :
    1)the printer
    2)the wireless adapter
    3)the five external hard diks
    4)the Wacom Intuos stylus pen
    5)the usb hub
    6)the bass woofer

    None of the above is causing problems to the old previous PC which has XP installed.The only old peripherals of the above are the Wacom Intuos stylus pen, the bass woofer, the usb hub and 2 of the 5 external hard disks ( 3.5'' )

    If i will get the PC on Monday i ll tell my sister to connect only a standard keyboard and a standard mouse.I will also run the Speccy and give you feedback.

    Do i have to run Speccy with all the peripherals plugged in?
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    If it is a peripheral issue, "Speccy" or crash dump won't give us any useful info. To find the culprit, please try plugging one at a time. Connect one peripheral and run the system one full day, if stable add the next one. Repeat this until the system became unstable (hopefully not !). Personally i suspect either the wireless adapter or "Wacom stylus pen" as they had known issues with some systems. Plugging five hard drive will draw a lot of power from USB ports so it can also be a reason. If connected one at a time. we will know.
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    Ι have done what you suggest with the peripherals ( not completely though ) and personally i don't suspect neither the Wacom neither the Wireless because my sister used one day the PC without them and the PC crashed again.The thing that i hadn't done thought in that test was to remove also the drivers of Wacom and TP-Link.I don't know if a driver can cause a problem when the device is not plugged in. ( are the drivers running always even if the devices are not connected ? )

    The specific day when my sister worked without Wacom and wireless adapter, the only peripherals that were attached in the PC when it crashed, were a) five external hard disks, b) the printer OfficeJet Pro 8500 c) the usb hub where we connect some of the external hard drives d) the woofer , e) a wirelless keyboard , b) a wireless mouse

    As for what you 've said "Plugging five hard drive will draw a lot of power from USB ports so it can also be a reason" i refuse to believe that this is responsible for the crashes, because the same 5 external hard disks are connected to the old PC and they don't crash it.Can they draw power and crash the new PC and not the old PC which has also a smaller PSU? It doesn't seem logical to me.Correct me if i am wrong.

    So this is leave us with only 3 suspect devices : 1) Printer, 2) Usb hub 3) Woofer.
    When we get the PC i ll tell my sister to work without any of them connected. Should i remove the driver of the printer also or it's enough to just not connect it?
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Unexpected shutdowns on new desktop - Please help me!
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