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random crash ( i do not know what to do)

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    random crash ( i do not know what to do)

    My computer was crashing so I removed most of the parts (cpu, motherboard and one ssd left) but I still got the problem. I took this picture when it crash on me. Anybody got the same problem? Thx in advance for the help.
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    It looks like a graphic related issue. It could be either a buggy display driver or a faulty graphic card itself. First thing you should do is to uninstall the current display driver completely from the system and download the latest version from card manufacturer's website.

    Nvidia drivers : Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

    ATI/AMD driver : Download

    Intel on-board display :

    If the issue remains, unplug the discrete graphic card and use on-board display for testing.
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    I did remove the discrete graphic card and tried the on-board but got the same problem(the picture is from the integrated graphics. When I was using my gtx the screen would just freeze). I am also having the same problem with linux. Do you think that it is a cpu hardware issue?
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    If Linux is also freezing, it will be a hardware issue for sure. It could be either, RAM , CPU, Motherboard or even the PSU. First thing you should do is to enter BIOS setup and load default values. This will make sure CPU and RAM is working on default voltage and frequency settings. If there is more than one RAM module connected, perform an isolation. Connect only one module at a time and test the system.

    Stress testing each RAM module separately using "Memtest86+" may also often helpful in finding failing modules.

    RAM - Test with Memtest86+ - Windows 7 Help Forums


    An overheating CPU can also freeze the system. Most BIOS setup will show the current CPU temperature. Make sure the CPU is not overheating and it is not overclocked.
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    I did run memtest for over 100 hours with both modules in it and did not have any problem. The weird part is that my computer can't stay open for that long in a os. I also have a h100i so temperatures never pass 75 c. My bios is on default setting since I got it. I changed the psu with a other computer and yet the problem still persist. I do not have a compatible motherboard or cpu to do test with so I do not know to check which one is the problem.
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    Unfortunately there is no fool proof way exist to check Motherboard and CPU. You can use "Prime95" to stress test the CPU but it may not detect all errors. Is the CPU and Motherboard are still under warranty ?. If yes, i recommend get them replaced. Most probably, it will be either one of them which is causing the issue.

    Hardware Diagnostics
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    I have been using my computer with the motherboards bus to 98 MHz for over a year now and everything works. The cpu is fine and even is capable of overclock but if i change the bus speed the computer becomes very unstable. Sorry that it took this long to respond....i had forgotten of the post. I am doing it now in case someone less has the same problem.

    Thank you for your time!
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    Thanks for the feedback mate .
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random crash ( i do not know what to do)
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