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Unresponsive after a few seconds at start screen

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    Unresponsive after a few seconds at start screen

    EDIT: Thought the other disk checks were good enough but I just downloaded crystaldiskinfo and indeed the drive windows is on says caution

    Current Pending Sector Count and Uncorrectable Sector Count both read Current: 100, Worst: 100, threshold 0, and raw values: 000...8.

    Guess that means it's just about dead? Maybe the wrong subforum but uh, what am I supposed to do? Buy another hdd and just drag copypaste C onto it or something?

    Now running chkdsk /f. Even if it works and windoze starts working again, it is possible and even likely that the data is still in danger right? Possibly truly uncorrectable sectors that will keep causing problems?


    Original Post:

    Metro UI becomes unresponsive after a few seconds at start screen. For a few seconds I can hover over tiles and see them highlighted and I can see some tiles show updated information like news. After those few seconds, the highlight disappears. Nothing can be clicked but the cursor moves freely. As to a cause, all I can guess is the brownouts that happened last night; I have a surge protector but no back UPS. Other than that I've installed nothing new and this system has ran stable 24/7 under regularly occurring heavy loads for 6mths with windows 8.

    I have also noticed that at the lock screen, if I don't type in my info, after 30s+ it freezes and shortly after a black screen slides up from the bottom.

    I saw that other people had this problem and fixed it by removing a clock tile and a accuweather tile but I have never installed any tiles or customized the start screen at all beyond having to at the initial windows 8 install.

    I tried using another account that had never launched before and only existed for network shares but it just black screened. Same with a new account I made in safe mode.

    I ran avast and malwarebytes in safe mode but all they came up with was conduit.a nonsense. avast didn't seem to want to run a boot scan via safe mode.

    Tried to uninstall amd graphics drivers and to install new ones but neither worked because amd's autodetect utility had problems.

    Tried to do selective start up with no non-windows services running but no difference.

    I checked all my disks for errors but no problems. And I did /scannow which did say it found corrupt files but apparently that's common?

    I tried to do a system restore and it seemed to work but the freezing problem persisted. When i went into safe mode, after about a minute of fiddling with things I got a dialogue saying that the system restore worked and it actually states a day later than the system restore I chose from the f8 startup menu which was the only system restore available.

    Ran memtest86, no problems.

    I had a modest overclock of 33x instead of the default 30x with stock cooling but turning that back to default does nothing.

    Seems like windows is just pooched. never dealt with something like this and after 6h of fiddling and a much crappier friday night than anticipated, I'm about ready to give up.

    I think I need a windows installer and maybe that is the fix? Unfortunately this PC I built does not have a DVD drive and the one I made the USB installer on is long gone and I've overwritten that USB like a dummy.

    Hoping someone might have some easy advice before I get back to hammering f8 trying more different random things.

    Thank you.
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    Current Pending Sector Count and Uncorrectable Sector Count both read Current: 100, Worst: 100, threshold 0, and raw values: 000...8.
    Can you give us a screenshot of that information?

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    Yes thanks for asking:

    imgur: the simple image sharer

    I cannot get seatools to run from dos at startup or to install since i can only get into safe mode.

    Thinking I'm going to actually have to remove it and put it in a friend's PC to run seatools :-S
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    Okay so i put the hdd in another pc which contains an identical hdd. windoze sees it and sees the folder contents etc but seatools doesnt see it! im about ready to explode. first of all seatools says it has compatibility issues. the legacy version is only 32 bit. and yeah, i do not have a cd rom. i cannot believe seagate needs their stupid seatools data to rma a drive. this is unbelievable.
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Unresponsive after a few seconds at start screen
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