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Drive Power State Failure BSOD

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    Windows 8.1

    Drive Power State Failure BSOD

    This morning didn't start well for me. It had the following events.

    1) Volume wouldn't work.
    2) Volume Mixer freezes/not responding when trying to move the volume slider
    3) Device Manager Froze when messing with the audio section
    4) Windows said there were updates and it needed to be restarted, when updates supposedly finished the computer "Restarted" and it say on the restarting screen for about 5 minutes then it BSoD's

    The following is the files that you guys require. Also I have no AV just Defender and Windows Firewall. In the past in Windows 7 "AMD High Definition Audio" froze my volume control so I had to disable that, in this case it did NOT help.

    NOTE: I do not have an SSD nor do I put it into sleep. I am also dual booting windows 7 and 8. Although in the past it BSoD'd when it was only windows 8.

    Also last night I installed "BlackX" software, it's a hotswap dock with a USB cable that you can just plop a HDD in and press the power button and view the files on the drive.

    I also looked up the BIOS for my motherboard, and this was on the download page:

    It says windows 8 ready, but I don't know if it was already Windows 8 ready or that's the NEW drivers. I don't know how to check the date of my BIOS nor does it specify a date for the supposed new BIOS on their site.

    I am also on Windows 8.1, I have connections. I also have no sound, not sure why.
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    Windows 8.1

    I hate to bump this but I wish to at the very least have a general statement / reply.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!

    Only 4 Windows Updates - this may be OK for Win8.1, but please check for new updates anyway.

    This device is disabled. It this deliberate? If so, why?
    High Definition Audio Device HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0892&SUBSYS_15658224&REV_1003\4&471C7A7&0&0301 This device is disabled.
    Please enable the device and update it's drivers. Feel free to disable it again after doing this.

    AMD OverDrive (AODDriver2.sys) is either a stand-alone application, or a component of the AMD VISION Engine Control Center. This driver is known to cause BSOD's on some Windows systems.
    Please un-install all AMD/ATI video stuff from Control Panel...Programs...Un-install a program
    Then, download (but DO NOT install) a fresh copy of the ATI drivers from (in the upper right corner of the page)
    Use this procedure to install the DRIVER ONLY: ATI video cards - DRIVER ONLY installation procedure - Sysnative Forums

    If the device (AODDriver or AODDriver4.01) remains a problem, open Device Manager, select the "View" item.
    Then select "Show hidden devices" and scroll down to the Non-Plug and Play Drivers section.
    Locate the AODDriver entry, right click on it and select "Un-install". Reboot for changes to take affect.
    Sometimes the driver remains and continues to cause BSOD's. If this is the case for you, post back and we'll give further instructions for safely removing it.

    If overclocking, please stop. Remove the overclock and return the system to stock/standard values while we're troubleshooting. Once the system is stable again, feel free to resume the overclocking.

    Please uninstall the Western Digital software. It's older driver is known to cause BSOD's in some Windows systems.

    If all of this doesn't stop the BSOD's, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings

    The following is for informational purposes only.
    **************************Tue Oct 15 08:44:32.829 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
    Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\101513-41656-01.dmp]
    Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (8 procs) Free x64
    Built by: 9600.16384.amd64fre.winblue_rtm.130821-1623
    System Uptime:1 days 15:48:24.568
    Probably caused by :ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KiSwapContext+76 )
    BugCheck 9F, {4, 12c, ffffe00006a7e040, fffff80234415900}
    Arg1: 0000000000000004, The power transition timed out waiting to synchronize with the Pnp
    Arg2: 000000000000012c, Timeout in seconds.
    Arg3: ffffe00006a7e040, The thread currently holding on to the Pnp lock.
    Arg4: fffff80234415900, nt!TRIAGE_9F_PNP on Win7
    PROCESS_NAME:  System
    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x9F_4_nt!KiSwapContext
      BIOS Version                  4.6.4
      BIOS Release Date             02/02/2012
      Manufacturer                  BIOSTAR Group
      Product Name                  TA970XE
    3rd Party Drivers:
    The following is for information purposes only.
    Any drivers in red should be updated or removed from your system. And should have been discussed in the body of my post.
    **************************Tue Oct 15 08:44:32.829 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
    wdcsam64.sys                Wed Apr 16 04:39:08 2008 (4805BB2C)
    AODDriver2.sys              Wed Nov 21 02:44:04 2012 (50AC8644)
    Rt630x64.sys                Fri May 10 05:59:08 2013 (518CC4EC)
    NdisVirtualBus.sys          Thu Aug 22 07:36:25 2013 (5215F7B9)
    intelpep.sys                Thu Aug 22 07:38:45 2013 (5215F845)
    ahcache.sys                 Thu Aug 22 07:39:54 2013 (5215F88A)
    werkernel.sys               Thu Aug 22 07:40:24 2013 (5215F8A8)
    atikmpag.sys                Tue Sep 10 21:24:43 2013 (522FC65B)
    atikmdag.sys                Tue Sep 10 22:45:14 2013 (522FD93A)
    hmd.sys                     Tue Oct  1 07:04:28 2013 (524AAC3C)
    NdisVirtualBus.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.
    intelpep.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.
    ahcache.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.
    werkernel.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.
    hmd.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.
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    Windows 8.1

    The Western Digital software is for "My Passport" also known as an external hard drive. I have since re-enabled the audio driver. I don't think I have gotten a BSOD since then. You also say update my PC, well there isn't anything available for updates. I am on 8.1 which has most of the Windows 8 updates already installed.
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Drive Power State Failure BSOD
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