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BCD Error for Lenovo Windows 8

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    BCD Error for Lenovo Windows 8

    So I have a Lenovo i5 with Windows 8 pre-installed, some weeks ago I had a problem(don't exactly know what), which led to my computer warning me to back up my files, but before it could back up my files it crashed and ever since than whenever I try to boot it up, it says its missing the Boot Configuration Data/hard drive maybe damaged and I would need some disks to reinstall/repair it. Called Lenovo and got the Os reinstallation disks and a standalone Windows 7 recovery DVD to back up my files to a hard drive. Though even with the Windows 7 recovery Dvd their appears to be an issue, whenever I tried to get the Windows 7 recovery DVD to play(to back up my files and junk) it doesn't function too well.

    What happens is, it stays on the lenovo screen for about 5 to 7 minutes(has been happening since the bcd error), then goes to the boot manager, where there are different options to choose to boot from, a Lenovo Rep told me to enter the Sata ODD, and then I got a "window files Loading" sign with a black background, which is followed by a "Starting Windows" sign(windows logo included) and then it goes into a grey/black screen that only shows my mouse cursor and nothing else(though I can control the brightness of the screen and can't do anything else).

    Any advice on what I should do to try to get my computer to work or back up my files some way, because so far the recovery DVD has been no help.

    Also my Lenovo is a u510, i5, 1tb hard drive, 8gb memory, Windows 8 pre-installed and still has its hardware warranty, but hesitant to send for repairs because of time it would take.

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    This sounds to me like the hard drive is dying.
    If it is, each time you try to access it you decrease the chances of being able to recover the data.

    So now's the time to make a choice:
    - to continue to try on your own to recover it.
    - to get a technician to try ($100 to $500 in most cases - usually they won't charge if they can't recover anything)
    - to get a data recovery service to do it ($250 to $200 in most cases - they'll usually get something, but it can cost you!)

    IMO the easiest thing would be to purchase another HDD and see if you can install Windows on it.
    If so, it may be worth keeping the new HDD (purchase it from a shop that'll let you return it for a full refund if it doesn't work for you)

    This way you've isolated the bad HDD and can work on it at your leisure.
    The next thing would be to get a USB hard drive caddy to connect the drive to a working computer.
    That way (if possible) you can copy the data over if you're able to read it.
    If able to read it, copy immediately - you don't know how much time you've got!!!!
    Grab the Users folder first - it's got nearly everything that you'll need.
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    How would the last option work exactly. Lenovo said I can remove my hard drive to try an back up my files, is their a video or website you can point me to so that I know what is needed to try and access my hard drive through another computer, also does the other computer have to be windows 8 or can I use a windows 7 computer?
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    I used this device a while back: CoolDrivesSATA and IDE Hard Drive & Optical Drive USB Adapter Kit COMBO
    I use this one now: : Thermaltake BlacX eSATA USB Docking Station : Laptop Computer Docking Stations : Electronics
    There are many others on the market.

    You can use a Win7 computer to save the files.

    What you do:
    - remove the hard drive from the Lenovo
    - put the hard drive in the above device
    - use Explorer to copy the data from the the old hard drive to the hard drive of the computer it's plugged into. (easiest to just copy the User folder)
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    Sorry for The late response and thanks,I'll give this a try.
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BCD Error for Lenovo Windows 8
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