Final Post
Results: Unresolved.
Solution: Replace defected parts & factory restore settings.
Comment: Sadly I was hoping to find a fix, so that not only would it benefit me, but anyone who comes accross this problem. Sadly, no fix was available, even with Dell Tech Support the only option was to mail in the laptop to have it's parts replaced/repaired. This level of error is beyond me, the blue screens alternated, the pre boot tests kept giving faulty information, like one scan it would not detect HDD, while in another it would detect HDD but then it wouldnt detect processor fan... There was no virus/malware of anykind.. the error couldn't be fixed via Windows 8 Refresh, Reset, Repair or install, only thing that worked was Parted Magic a small Linux OS installed onto the ram via boot from drive using Ultimate Boot CD (Great Tool)... But despite my collection of tutorials, I couldn't use it as desired due to lack of knowledge e.e; I have lots to learn still.

Thanks again to Usasma and My2Cents for they're efforts. :3

I like this forum over all the others I've come accross, so in 7 days when my Laptop is back.
I hope to be able to learn & eventually contribute, I see a gaming section o: I'd probably fit in there :P