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BSOD related to nvlddmkm.sys and dxgkrnl.sys. Help

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    for underclocking my 675m , i tested a lot of programs like msi afterburner , but sometimes it just don't work , or is just programmed to overclock it , and options for laptops cards are very limited . so i have two ways to do this .

    - the non permanent and free way :
    with Nvidia Inspector , click on " show overclocking " to display the nice pannel with all access to differents power states of the card , just focus on p0 ans p1 , p0 is when turbo mode is active , p1 is normal state , the others are for low consumsion when idle , so don't touch . So you just have to lower p1 Memory clock (original is 1500)to 1000 mhz ( this represent 500 with *2 multipliactor ).then apply the changes , never activate turbo mode , or do the same thing to p0 .
    this should immediately set the vram clock to the choosen frequency, but you have to redo this after reboot...

    - the permanent and not free way :
    after roaming on the web for days , i finally found a cool russian programmer who did a really good job . he managed to make a little program for fermi and kepler chips that allow you to modify the vbios inside the graphic card , so there is nothing to do after you reboot , you can fix it to the right frequency and voltage you want , forever but you can rechange it everytime you want with tehe same technic . there is his webpage :
    at the bottom of his long first post , ther is a paypal link to donate . this is about 15$ or € did not remember exactly the currency , once you paid , just be patient , and he will send you a link to the program , it is often updated with new vbios , updates are free , follow his instructions and you should be fine , same thing , just adjust vram frequency to 500 , original is 750 , don't play with other things , i already tested ^^ .
    how to use it : get " GPU Z ", under the nvidia logo , ther is a little chip icone , this is to save your bios in a .rom file , save it , make a backup of the original and open svet's vbios tuner , modifi vram frequency ( memory tune ) , set it to 500 in p1 and p0 just to be secure , save and exit , go in dos command prompt and type : nvflash.exe -4 -5 -6 gtxmod.rom ( where gtxmod.rom is you modified bios file , be sure you kept the original in an other file , but if you lost it you can found it on the web , no big deal , but be careful , there are multiple gtx 675 versions with different bios ).
    so the dos window will ask you if you really want to proceed , type " y " , and there it go , it erase the actual bios , write the new one , say it's done , reboot , check your frequencies with gpuz , it should be fine , start a game , this should be slower than before , but it won't crash

    So this is it , the only real solution i found to fix my msi ... 500 is fine for me ( 1000 in nvidia inspector ) i can still play black ops 2 with low settings @ 100 fps . forget the ultra settings with this fix ... sorry . if you want you can test higher frequencies until you reach your material limit , play with it , even test overclocking , not too much , don't burn it completeley xD

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    Hey guys just an update. I didn't make much progress so im just going to have my hardware checked out and a local store. I'll get back to you guys if i get it fixed, might take some time though so don't expect a fast response. Thanks again for all your help. Wish me luck
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BSOD related to nvlddmkm.sys and dxgkrnl.sys. Help
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