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BSOD and/or Display Driver Errors While Gaming

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    Windows 8

    So, after uninstalling Nvidia Graphics Driver 311.44, restarting, then uninstalling the Nvidia Graphics Driver 306.XX (which had come with the laptop and reappeared after uninstalling 311.44), I installed a clean copy of the 320.49 drivers from Nvidia's website.

    Played some Final Fantasy XIV, game ran perfectly for a few hours until I got to a new area, and as soon as I walked into the new area, the display went out again. Didn't have to restart my computer.

    Started to test my computer with Memtest G80.
    First test using default settings--worked.
    Second test using settings of 1024 MB and 100 iterations--failed with a huge number string count of errors.
    Subsequent tests, even the default ones, would produce errors as well. FurMark also started to cause errors, where it hadn't when I ran it previously. All these errors were the "stopped responding and has recovered" errors.

    Temperatures during Final Fantasy and Memtest G80 did not exceed 80 Celsius (Monitored using CPUID HWMonitor), and the voltage was at a constant 0.912-0.937 V.

    EDIT: Just ran default test again after typing this post. The card successfully did about 25 or so iterations, and then failed again.

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Just a hunch, but maybe it's the powermizer function?
    See this topic: Acer 6930G with FX770M video_tdr_failure
    Not exactly the same problem, but it still may help you.
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    Windows 8

    I opened the registry and navigated to the directory \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{**a series of numbers that are different**}\0000

    However, in none of the 0000 did files called "PerfLevelSrc" or "PowerMizer..." exist. Does that mean it's not on my computer?

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    Windows 8

    At this point I'm considering a full factory reset. Good or bad idea?
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    Windows 8

    Miraculously, I uninstalled the newest drivers, reset, uninstalled the 310.XX drivers that were leftover, reset, and then got 306.XX drivers (the default ones that came with the computer, I believe) and I've been playing FFXIV for at least 6 hours now without any graphical errors.

    ...I swear I've rolled them back that far and it hadn't done anything before.

    EDIT: Apparently I've had no errors because currently I'm using the integrated graphics card to play games... Go figure.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    The day before yesterday I had a computer at work that wouldn't install software (access denied errors in Event Viewer).
    I verified the errors multiple times and even showed them to other techs.
    Then I left the system alone for an hour or two.
    I came back and the software had installed!!!
    Go figure!

    I would double check that you are using the integrated graphics and play again using them.
    Once you've verified that there's no error - then switch to the discrete graphics (with the current drivers)
    Then see if that has fixed it.

    If not, then try the most updated drivers
    If it still doesn't fix it, then we've gotta figure that it may be a hardware problem.
    You may want to try:
    - our Graphics Card forums: Graphic Cards - Windows 8 Forums
    - the Asus ROG forums (I've seen previous issues with video cards in Asus gaming systems)
    - the nVidia forums for more advanced troubleshooting

    Good luck!

    If any of those other sites can find a solution, we'd appreciate it if you'd post a link to it here.
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BSOD and/or Display Driver Errors While Gaming
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