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Frequent BSODs with new PC (varying error messages)

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    Windows 8 x64 Pro

    Frequent BSODs with new PC (varying error messages)

    Hi there,

    I have Windows 8 x64 Pro installed on my new machine, and have been getting frequent BSODs with varying error messages. I suspect it may be some driver issue but I could be wrong.

    It occurs quite randomly, but seems more frequent when I am transferring large quantities of data. I have run a HDTune Pro check on my primary drive and all appears fine.. yet I still get occasional crashes. I have been running sfc /scannow every now and then, and sometimes it's fine with no integrity violations, but generally it seems to develop some within a few hours, and It crashes hard. Error messages vary quite a lot; IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, SYSTEM_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION etc.
    I have tried reformatting completely and I still get the same issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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    Windows 8 x64 Pro

    I've traced this to a memory issue. I'd mistakenly set a couple of the timings on my ram slightly too low. I was getting plenty of errors in memtest before, but after changing timings it ran for 11 hours and recorded 0 errors. I recommend running memtest for at least an hour or two) if you have similar errors.
    I had run memtest for 20 minutes before and assumed it was okay as there were no errors, but it turns out that they can take a long time to manifest themselves - so be prepared to leave it running for a while.
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    I'd suggest running MemTest86+ for at least 3 full passes - other analysts will suggest up to 7 passes.
    I also suggest running Prime95 (Blend test) when having memory problems - as it stresses RAM more than MemTest86+ IME
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Frequent BSODs with new PC (varying error messages)
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