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Black screen ( not blue ) after boot logo

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    Windows 8 pro

    Built it myself. I need to locate which part is faulty to be able to rma it...

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    Windows 8 pro

    SOLVED -

    This... is... this is just great...
    There are not enough sacred words to express my flabbergastation of the situation...
    Turns out.. it was my $%#$%^$^ USB hub in front of my case that was messing with the whole motherboard. I don't know if it's the USB hub from the case, or just the usb module of the Mobo... I was talking to my brother on the phone and we started trying to mess with all the cables to see if it was just the power that was being messed with. As I moved ONE usb cable to plug my usb key in the front hub of the case, my screen flickered black for half a second, and i heard the "device plugged" chime.

    My eyes got as wide as my fists, my jaw dropped to the floor and a vein on my forehead popped. I dropped everything I was doing to reboot the computer with the GPU inserted.
    It worked.

    Can.. you.. @#%@##% .. believe it.. ?

    I wiped my whole frogging drive... for... a USB hub... that was messing with my computer...
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    Windows 8 pro

    Well... I guess I can say this is half solved.

    Half the time now my computer works
    the other half, screen just goes black / standby, and theres no chance in waking this thing up

    I've tried messing with the power supply, changing slots here and there for all the power cords..
    I have yet to know EXACTLY where it's coming from, and if its a powersupply issue or a mobo issue... i think there might be something shortcircuiting somewhere in the case that keeps the gpu from kicking in... i don't know
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Black screen ( not blue ) after boot logo
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