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Near Daily BSOD Since Hardware Upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whirlwind View Post
    That's exactly what I always thought, and why I didn't want to comment on it in my initial post since I didn't know if it was actually that way or not, and wanted my dmp files to get looked through without the "oh look he's broken up a channel kit, thats the problem case solved" response.
    I think you are doing a great job of explaining your issue in understandable detail and I like your thinking ahead mindset as well.

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    For some people, Windows 8 does not play well with the new Haswell C states and have reported that disabling C states in the BIOS has fixed their problems.

    I don't know if this would apply to your situation, but it might be worth a try.
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    I 2nd the C State issue. I built a new pc the other day with a 4770k using a Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H + vid card/ram from old pc and had nothing but random bsod issues after installing a fresh copy of Windows 8.

    I had zipped up all the info/dumps to makes a post on this board for some help, but I read about the PSU/C state issues with haswell chips just before I did. Disabled C1e, C3, C6/C7 in the bios and I haven't had a single bsod since. Initially tried just disabling C6/C7, but still had the random bsods happening so I disabled the rest.

    If you are still having this issue, I would highly suggest trying to disable those and see if it helps you out!
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    That is good to know, especially with this not being a laptop, so the power saving c state function isn't really a giant deal. Its kinda weird loading up asus's ai suite to see the realtime clocks/voltage/temps and seeing any of the cores at 0.08v even if it is only for a few seconds at a time during low activity things like just web browsing.

    So far 2 days no crash with the other memory.

    Edit: So far day 3 no crash. Ran my first 4gb stick on my friend's system that i got the current ram from for 7 hrs on memtest, 0 errors.

    In the process of running the 2nd stick i was using for its own 7 hr session, though I probably don't need to, as it has resulted in 2 errors out of 3 passes (currently halfway through pass 4), both in similar address locations (first 6 digits out of 11 digit label are the same), on the same test #, #8, and the same Err-Bits label.

    Prob just give that stick a 3 hr run to totally make sure, and then pop the 3rd stick in. I'll then pop the non errored sticks (at least 1 so far) back in my system and give that a run.
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    Well it hadn't crashed in the 4-5 days I had the friend's memory in my system, and my 3rd memory stick came back with 0 errors after its own 11 hr session (stick #2 finished out at 4 errors in 9 passes). Put the 2 sticks that had no errors (previously I had the errord stick in when i was getting BSODs) in my main system and am now hoping that I get no more BSODs.....I'll update if somethign happens, and if it doesn't in a week I guess i'll mark as solved.
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    Well its been a week since I put the 2 non-error sticks in and havn't gotten a single blue screen. The only changes to the system were that 1 stick and an update to Asus AI Suite that came out while I was memtesting the sticks. Since I didn't get errors with the other memory before the Suite update, I'm guessing that my problems were completely caused by bad sectors of memory and that I likely had that bad stick in the 1st slot, so it was getting accessed and filled more readily.

    Thanks for the initial help to those that provided replies.
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Near Daily BSOD Since Hardware Upgrade
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