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    Windows 8 Pro



    I get some crash with this error : WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR and I don't know why...

    Here is what "WhoCrashed" says :
    Attachment 23533

    I've launched a Memtest86, but after 4 hours and 8 passes, no problems were detected + i've tested another memory : G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4 Go and the same problem.

    The system crashes, the screen freezes and I can't move the mouse. I have no BSOD : strange.
    I thought it was a driver problem but how do I check ? - in the device manager all seems OK.

    What tests I can do ?

    My rig :

    • ASUS M4N75TD Motherboard
    • AMD Phenom II x6 1090T (without O/C)
    • KINGSTON DDR3 PC3-12800 - HyperX Blu - 2 x 2 Go (4Go) 1600 MHz - Cas 9 - KHX1600C9AD3B1K2/4G
    • SSD : SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series 128 Go
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (powered by MSI TwinFrozr II)
    • MS Windows 8 Pro

    Here is my speecy report : CF -

    Thank you !

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    Windows 8 Pro

    Here is my minidump files, drivers and dxdiag files. I hope this can help you.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Please provide the complete report listed here: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

    My system is broken and there are restrictions on which programs I can use on this system. Please bear with me.

    For starters, please run these free diagnostics: Hardware Diagnostics Feel free to skip the MemTest86+ test if you've already run it for more than 3 passes.

    Your Soluto drivers date from 2011, please uninstall this program.

    The following is just for information. No need to read it unless you're curious:
    Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.3.9431.0 X86
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Cindy\Downloads\062513-7300-01.dmp]
    Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available
    ************* Symbol Path validation summary **************
    Response                         Time (ms)     Location
    Deferred                                       SRV*c:\symbols*
    Deferred                                       srv*c:\SymcachePublic*
    Symbol search path is: SRV*c:\symbols*;srv*c:\SymcachePublic*
    Executable search path is: 
    Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (6 procs) Free x64
    Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
    Built by: 9200.16581.amd64fre.win8_gdr.130410-1505
    Machine Name:
    Kernel base = 0xfffff800`6f06c000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`6f338a20
    Debug session time: Tue Jun 25 14:34:17.499 2013 (UTC - 4:00)
    System Uptime: 0 days 0:00:03.178
    Loading Kernel Symbols
    Press ctrl-c (cdb, kd, ntsd) or ctrl-break (windbg) to abort symbol loads that take too long.
    Run !sym noisy before .reload to track down problems loading symbols.
    Loading User Symbols
    Mini Kernel Dump does not contain unloaded driver list
    *                                                                             *
    *                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
    *                                                                             *
    Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.
    BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa80054fd8f8, 0, 0}
    Probably caused by : AuthenticAMD
    Followup: MachineOwner
    1: kd> !analyze -v
    *                                                                             *
    *                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
    *                                                                             *
    A fatal hardware error has occurred. Parameter 1 identifies the type of error
    source that reported the error. Parameter 2 holds the address of the
    WHEA_ERROR_RECORD structure that describes the error conditon.
    Arg1: 0000000000000000, Machine Check Exception
    Arg2: fffffa80054fd8f8, Address of the WHEA_ERROR_RECORD structure.
    Arg3: 0000000000000000, High order 32-bits of the MCi_STATUS value.
    Arg4: 0000000000000000, Low order 32-bits of the MCi_STATUS value.
    Debugging Details:
    BUGCHECK_STR:  0x124_AuthenticAMD
    PROCESS_NAME:  System
    ANALYSIS_VERSION: 6.3.9431.0 (debuggers(dbg).130615-1214) x86fre
    fffff880`0358d6f0 fffff800`6f3da683 : 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`054fd8d0 fffff800`6f355020 00000002`00000005 : nt!WheapCreateLiveTriageDump+0x81
    fffff880`0358dc20 fffff800`6f1cce97 : fffffa80`054fd8d0 fffff800`6f1cddd8 fffff800`6f355020 fffff800`6f0cfc00 : nt!WheapCreateTriageDumpFromPreviousSession+0x3b
    fffff880`0358dc50 fffff800`6f1cddfd : fffff800`6f354fc0 fffff800`6f1cddd8 fffff800`6f355020 00000000`00000018 : nt!WheapProcessWorkQueueItem+0x57
    fffff880`0358dc90 fffff800`6f1042b1 : fffff800`6f2f2110 fffffa80`03bf75c0 fffffa80`055b4f00 fffffa80`054d6800 : nt!WheapWorkQueueWorkerRoutine+0x25
    fffff880`0358dcc0 fffff800`6f099045 : fffff880`009bf180 00000000`00000080 fffff800`6f104170 fffffa80`03bf75c0 : nt!ExpWorkerThread+0x142
    fffff880`0358dd50 fffff800`6f14d766 : fffff880`009bf180 fffffa80`03bf75c0 fffff880`009caec0 fffffa80`03a0e8c0 : nt!PspSystemThreadStartup+0x59
    fffff880`0358dda0 00000000`00000000 : fffff880`0358e000 fffff880`03588000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiStartSystemThread+0x16
    FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner
    MODULE_NAME: AuthenticAMD
    IMAGE_NAME:  AuthenticAMD
    FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING:  km:0x124_authenticamd_processor_bus_prv
    FAILURE_ID_HASH:  {6fd7875b-9a1b-9e09-d6d6-816026a875c8}
    Followup: MachineOwner
    1: kd> lmtsmn
    start             end                 module name
    fffff880`01000000 fffff880`0106d000   ACPI     ACPI.sys     Wed Jul 25 22:28:26 2012 (5010AB4A)
    fffff880`0119a000 fffff880`011b1000   acpiex   acpiex.sys   Wed Jul 25 22:25:57 2012 (5010AAB5)
    fffff880`01584000 fffff880`0158e000   atapi    atapi.sys    Wed Jul 25 22:30:33 2012 (5010ABC9)
    fffff880`0158e000 fffff880`015c2000   ataport  ataport.SYS  Wed Jul 25 22:29:04 2012 (5010AB70)
    fffff880`00e9e000 fffff880`00f51000   avc3     avc3.sys     Thu Apr 11 04:31:58 2013 (516674FE)
    fffff880`00d2e000 fffff880`00d38000   BOOTVID  BOOTVID.dll  Wed Jul 25 22:30:22 2012 (5010ABBE)
    fffff880`00d38000 fffff880`00db7000   CI       CI.dll       Wed Mar 27 23:30:42 2013 (5153B962)
    fffff880`00f83000 fffff880`00fd7000   CLASSPNP CLASSPNP.SYS Thu Feb 28 23:59:20 2013 (513035A8)
    fffff880`00c9a000 fffff880`00cf6000   CLFS     CLFS.SYS     Wed Jul 25 22:29:39 2012 (5010AB93)
    fffff880`0121b000 fffff880`012a7000   cng      cng.sys      Wed Jul 25 22:26:34 2012 (5010AADA)
    fffff880`0181c000 fffff880`01830000   crashdmp crashdmp.sys Sat Feb 02 02:26:00 2013 (510CBF88)
    fffff880`01800000 fffff880`0181c000   disk     disk.sys     Wed Jul 25 22:29:25 2012 (5010AB85)
    fffff880`00e00000 fffff880`00e14000   dump_dumpfve dump_dumpfve.sys Wed Jul 25 22:28:53 2012 (5010AB65)
    fffff880`00fd7000 fffff880`00fed000   dump_storahci dump_storahci.sys Fri Mar 01 21:15:44 2013 (513160D0)
    fffff880`01ff2000 fffff880`01fff000   dump_storport dump_storport.sys Wed Jul 25 22:29:58 2012 (5010ABA6)
    fffff880`01455000 fffff880`0146f000   EhStorClass EhStorClass.sys Wed Jul 25 22:26:24 2012 (5010AAD0)
    fffff880`0146f000 fffff880`01483000   fileinfo fileinfo.sys Wed Jul 25 22:28:02 2012 (5010AB32)
    fffff880`0134c000 fffff880`013ac000   FLTMGR   FLTMGR.SYS   Wed Jul 25 22:30:09 2012 (5010ABB1)
    fffff880`01a51000 fffff880`01a5b000   Fs_Rec   Fs_Rec.sys   Wed Jul 25 22:30:08 2012 (5010ABB0)
    fffff880`01ed5000 fffff880`01f4b000   fvevol   fvevol.sys   Wed Jul 25 22:26:46 2012 (5010AAE6)
    fffff880`01e3f000 fffff880`01ea7000   fwpkclnt fwpkclnt.sys Thu Feb 28 23:55:54 2013 (513034DA)
    fffff880`00f51000 fffff880`00f83000   gzflt    gzflt.sys    Thu Oct 04 07:30:19 2012 (506D734B)
    fffff800`6f000000 fffff800`6f06c000   hal      hal.dll      Wed Jul 25 22:31:04 2012 (5010ABE8)
    fffff800`6e4b1000 fffff800`6e4ba000   kdcom    kdcom.dll    Wed Jul 25 22:30:34 2012 (5010ABCA)
    fffff880`01a25000 fffff880`01a40000   ksecdd   ksecdd.sys   Wed Jul 25 22:28:35 2012 (5010AB53)
    fffff880`01bc4000 fffff880`01bf3000   ksecpkg  ksecpkg.sys  Wed Jul 25 22:25:35 2012 (5010AA9F)
    fffff880`00c7e000 fffff880`00c9a000   mcupdate mcupdate.dll Thu Jul 26 00:50:00 2012 (5010CC78)
    fffff880`0156a000 fffff880`01584000   mountmgr mountmgr.sys Wed Jul 25 22:29:33 2012 (5010AB8D)
    fffff880`01077000 fffff880`01081000   msisadrv msisadrv.sys Wed Jul 25 22:28:02 2012 (5010AB32)
    fffff880`00c00000 fffff880`00c63000   msrpc    msrpc.sys    Wed Jul 25 22:28:37 2012 (5010AB55)
    fffff880`01fdb000 fffff880`01ff2000   mup      mup.sys      Wed Jul 25 22:30:00 2012 (5010ABA8)
    fffff880`01a5b000 fffff880`01b54000   ndis     ndis.sys     Sat Feb 02 02:23:49 2013 (510CBF05)
    fffff880`01b54000 fffff880`01bc4000   NETIO    NETIO.SYS    Wed Jul 25 22:24:55 2012 (5010AA77)
    fffff800`6f06c000 fffff800`6f7b8000   nt       ntkrnlmp.exe Wed Apr 10 18:18:57 2013 (5165E551)
    fffff880`01842000 fffff880`01a25000   Ntfs     Ntfs.sys     Sat Feb 02 02:25:09 2013 (510CBF55)
    fffff880`013c3000 fffff880`013dd000   partmgr  partmgr.sys  Wed Jul 25 22:30:03 2012 (5010ABAB)
    fffff880`01081000 fffff880`010be000   pci      pci.sys      Wed Jul 25 22:27:43 2012 (5010AB1F)
    fffff880`01553000 fffff880`0155b000   pciide   pciide.sys   Wed Jul 25 22:29:52 2012 (5010ABA0)
    fffff880`0155b000 fffff880`0156a000   PCIIDEX  PCIIDEX.SYS  Wed Jul 25 22:29:09 2012 (5010AB75)
    fffff880`01a40000 fffff880`01a51000   pcw      pcw.sys      Wed Jul 25 22:28:44 2012 (5010AB5C)
    fffff880`013ac000 fffff880`013c3000   pdc      pdc.sys      Thu Feb 28 23:58:34 2013 (5130357A)
    fffff880`00d19000 fffff880`00d2e000   PSHED    PSHED.dll    Thu Jul 26 00:53:53 2012 (5010CD61)
    fffff880`01fa0000 fffff880`01fdb000   rdyboost rdyboost.sys Wed Jul 25 22:28:34 2012 (5010AB52)
    fffff880`01ec2000 fffff880`01ed5000   Soluto   Soluto.sys   Mon Feb 14 07:25:50 2011 (4D591F4E)
    fffff880`00db7000 fffff880`00e00000   spaceport spaceport.sys Sat May 04 00:48:43 2013 (5184932B)
    fffff880`015c2000 fffff880`015d8000   storahci storahci.sys Fri Mar 01 21:15:44 2013 (513160D0)
    fffff880`01400000 fffff880`01455000   storport storport.sys Thu Feb 28 23:58:51 2013 (5130358B)
    fffff880`01c06000 fffff880`01e3f000   tcpip    tcpip.sys    Sat May 04 00:47:36 2013 (518492E8)
    fffff880`00cf6000 fffff880`00d19000   tm       tm.sys       Wed Jul 25 22:29:01 2012 (5010AB6D)
    fffff880`012a7000 fffff880`012cf000   tpm      tpm.sys      Thu Feb 28 23:56:34 2013 (51303502)
    fffff880`012e4000 fffff880`0134c000   trufos   trufos.sys   Wed Mar 06 06:47:58 2013 (51372CEE)
    fffff880`012d7000 fffff880`012e4000   vdrvroot vdrvroot.sys Wed Jul 25 22:27:29 2012 (5010AB11)
    fffff880`013dd000 fffff880`013f5000   volmgr   volmgr.sys   Wed Jul 25 22:29:22 2012 (5010AB82)
    fffff880`014f3000 fffff880`01553000   volmgrx  volmgrx.sys  Wed Jul 25 22:29:59 2012 (5010ABA7)
    fffff880`01f4b000 fffff880`01fa0000   volsnap  volsnap.sys  Wed Jul 25 22:30:26 2012 (5010ABC2)
    fffff880`010c8000 fffff880`0118a000   Wdf01000 Wdf01000.sys Wed Jul 25 22:25:13 2012 (5010AA89)
    fffff880`0118a000 fffff880`0119a000   WDFLDR   WDFLDR.SYS   Wed Jul 25 22:29:04 2012 (5010AB70)
    fffff880`01ea7000 fffff880`01ec2000   wfplwfs  wfplwfs.sys  Wed Jul 25 22:23:58 2012 (5010AA3E)
    fffff880`0106d000 fffff880`01077000   WMILIB   WMILIB.SYS   Wed Jul 25 22:30:04 2012 (5010ABAC)
    fffff880`011b1000 fffff880`011bc000   WppRecorder WppRecorder.sys Wed Jul 25 22:29:07 2012 (5010AB73)
    Mini Kernel Dump does not contain unloaded driver list
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