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Random BSOD with self initiated reboot (ME3) - Win8 Pro 64

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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Random BSOD with self initiated reboot (ME3) - Win8 Pro 64

    Good Day everyone,

    I hope some of you might be able to help me sort out a little problem that is about to get really annoying.

    I had this problem on Windows 7 Ultimate and decided to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro as this might solve the issue... Well apparently the BSOD still occurs, randomly.

    What I get is: When ingame (i.e. Mass Effect 3) the display freezes, sound continues for about 10 seconds, screen goes black and comes back only showing a white line in the middle of the screen accompanied by a buzzing bass sound, ten seconds later it reboots automatically.

    I would like to mention that this BSOD seems to occur randomly.
    I mean, I can be lucky and play Mass Effect 3 for 4 hours in a row or it goes bad and the BSOD occurs upon entering this game or any other game.

    I attached the needed Dump Files to this post, though I myself can't read them... well I don't understand them!

    Any help is appreciated,

    Edit 1:

    I read up some posts on this forum and decided to do a Furmark GPU test, and voila I got another BSOD after roughly a minute. It might just have been that I didn't read the part of the tutorial where it said: Stop the Benchmark as soon as you see artifacts or the temperature ditches out.

    Well the temperature slowly went up from something like 33 degree celsius to 71 degree celsius and as soon as it hit 71 degrees the screen went Black, I heard the buzzing noise again and the machine restarted itself.

    I am using a Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 with nvidia display drivers 311.06, just checked and yep there's an update (314.07). Gonna install that and see whether the BSOD is gone... *fingers crossed*

    As I said, I appreciate your help!
    In the meanwhile I will go and skim the forum for additional ways to track down my issue.

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    Yes, it's nvlddmkm.sys which is part of the NVIDIA video driver. It's better if you re-install in safe mode.

    Win+C->click on Settings->Click on Power-> Hold down SHIFT key then click on Restart
    Click Trouble Shoot->Advanced Option->Startup Settings->Enable Safe Mode then click on Restart
    The PC will reboot -> select enable Safe Mode by select the #
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    Okay, I reinstalled the Nvidia Display Driver via Safemode as you suggested.
    Played Mass Effect 3 for an hour and it didn't crash (yet). As ME3 was the only Game/App that made my PC crash I will continue to investigate on that.
    Let's hope its gone (fingers crossed).
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    And I thought I got rid of it...

    It's back, though weirder than ever!
    This is what happened:

    After having installed the new display driver, I played Mass Effect 3 for 3,5 hours yesterday without a BSOD. (And I thought I got rid of this damn issue)

    Now, today I started Mass Effect 3 and played for 30 mins, the screen blacked out the sound stopped, after 2 seconds the sound came back and so did the screen. 5 minutes later, the same: Screen goes black, sound stops, 2 seconds later it's all back in sync.

    Well after another 5 minutes the screen goes black and the pc reboots itself, BSOD I guess (again!).
    I don't know what to do, to be honest I am kinda desperate as you can guess by reviewing the specs above, this rig wasn't cheap and now after 2 years it's behaving in a way I don't understand.

    Here's the latest dump or what you call it.

    Thank you for your help!

    Edit: Shoot... I forgot to mention this: After this self initiated reboot Win 8 wasn't able to boot properly. I got the Win8 logo spinning around and after that a black screen for eternity, no cursor no keyboard nothing. Rebooted myself and still the same, third time I tried Win 8 decided to try an automatic repair and concluded it had to restore to an earlier point (guess it chose a point before the newest updates were installed) after that Windows was able to boot again.
    I will try to play ME 3 again and see if the system restore solved whatever happened... Just checked, the display driver is still most recent version.
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Another update:

    Yesterday my pc run for about 10 hours, 4 of them in game mode (ME3) and I did not get a bsod.

    Now today I started my pc again (didn't change anything), windows 8 said it would do a clean up, I started a game and after 10 mins I got my BSOD again!

    Now I am kinda believing it could be my power supply...

    Here's the latest SF grab, however I kinda got the feeling that the newest BSOD wasn't recorded...
    (I think so because the minidump dates back to 3 days ago, however the crash happened 5 mins ago!)
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Random BSOD with self initiated reboot (ME3) - Win8 Pro 64
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