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Kernel Power Event 41 Task 63 - Random shutdown

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    Kernel Power Event 41 Task 63 - Random shutdown

    I have had three of these shutdowns randomly occur over the last 2 days. I have no warning on when they will occur.

    The computer is only 5 weeks old, so i wouldn't except an overheat issue personally. I can think of no new software i have installed since this has started. So far, it has always happened while playing a game (Diablo 3) but that is likely just coincidental, as that is what i do most on this computer

    Any ideas on what to do/check?

    Any more info you need that what i provided?

    MSI GT70 0ND computer
    GTX 675MX vid
    16GB DDR3
    i7 3630QM


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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Event ID 41 errors are primarily caused by:
    - shutting down the system by holding the power button down
    - overheating
    - power supply issues

    Install temp monitoring software (I suggest HWiNFO, HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 - Hardware Information and Analysis Tools )
    Open up the case and point a house fan into it (on high) - see if the lessens the frequency of the Event ID 41 events
    If neither of these help, then see about getting an 80+ rated PSU from a store that you can return it (if it's not needed).

    Just in case, here's my usual canned speeches:

    For starters:
    At work we start all repairs with a set of diagnostics. Often they find problems that weren't even expected. It's a waste of time to try to fix software on a system that has hardware problems.
    Please try these free diagnostics for starters: Initial Hardware Diagnostics
    Also, please ensure that you have ALL available Windows Updates (it may take several trips to get them all).
    Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (even though you're not reporting BSOD's): Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

    Good luck!
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    Windows 8

    Thank you for the reply usmsma

    Power Button - I am sure i have not been pressing the power button when it has been shutting off, but that is not to say that there is not an electrical short in the system, that makes it think i am

    Overheating - I doubt the system is overheating. The laptop has a variable speed fan that speeds up automatically as the system warms up. None of the times that the system has shut down, has the fan been running high. The fan does however run faster at times, telling me that it is working properly

    PSU - This is a laptop, i do not believe i have any control over the PSU. I assume your suggestion of running with the case open, was based on the assumption that this is a desktop computer

    Temp Software - I am going to install that now, and try to monitor it. Does this software create a running log or have a dump log if the system crashes, or do i need to constantly monitor the temp?

    MemTest86 - I am trying to get this to run, but i am unable to get my computer to boot from USB. I have it set to boot from USB in the bios, and it just won't read it. I will attempt to burn it to a DVD and see if that works

    Hard Drive diagnostics - I haven't looked at that yet, but i will check that as well

    Last night, i did a recovery re-install of windows 8, formatting the drives in the process. I have not updated any drivers or windows updates (this time, i had them previously) but i have already seen another crash. Installing and playing Diablo 3 was the only additional software i added.

    Attached is my dump-log from the "grab all" function

    Please let me know if any other info would be helpful
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    I cannot seem to get Memtest86 to even try to boot. I have tried both the .exe file that creates a bootable USB, as well as creating a bootable ISO, and neither will boot. I have verified the boot sequence in the BIOS multiple times. I have even removed booting from hard drive, and it just skips CD/DVD and USB, and goes to the BIOS screen on its own.

    Also, wanted to mention i have not ever overclocked anything beyond the packaged software that MSI put on the laptop
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    I've seen hundreds of Event 41 Task 63's on every MB, CPU combo imaginable. I've spent over 100 hours and a few grand on hardware fighting this issue. Do yourself a favor and return the system. DO NOT listen to anyone who tells you they know how to fix the problem. They don't. Prove this to yourself by doing what I did and reading hundreds of postings regarding this system. There is no permanent solution for this issue. It's a Win7 only issue, not seen in XP or in Win 8(yet). I have 3 top of the line ASUS and MSI Mobos running XP and Linux because they generate Event 41, sometimes after 5 min, sometimes after 5 weeks.
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    Windows 8

    Thanks for the heads-up commonc.

    Sadly, mine is doing this on a Windows 8 machine.... ALSO, i am past the 30 day return policy, so i think i am going to be stuck sending this to MSI and being computerless for likely a month +

    Also, i finally do have Memtest86 running... 76% complete without an error yet... I had to put the BIOS into Legacy mode (UEFI wouldn't boot the ISO or the USB drive)
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    I tried everything, literally. Replaced MB, CPU, mem, PS... what else is there. I'm surprised (disappointed)to hear it's affecting Win 8 also. I've been a tech for 35 years and this is typical Microsoft. If you look at their knowldgebase they acknowledge the issue, but have no fix.

    As I said, installing Linux will resolve the issue OR I set up one of my systems with 2 Win 7 bootable partitions. If one went south, the other one usually allowed me to get some work done. The error occurance was totally random, sometimes showing up after weeks or months, sometimes every 5 min.

    Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or learn anything worth sharing.

    Good luck, Randy
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    Windows 8

    yeah, i know what you are saying about the random factor of it. I didn't have one for the first 5 weeks i owned this computer, and now i have had 4 of them

    Memtest completed with no Errors.

    Planning to contact MSI Monday and seeing what they can do.... absolute best case scenario i can hope for is that they will note that this problem happens occasionally and that replacing the computer is their solution. They send me a new computer (temp charge on my CC) and when i get it, i send them my current one.

    Worst case, they bicker with me for a week or two, trying to get me to try things on my own. Afterwards, they tell me to send it in, keep it for 4-6 weeks, and mail it back, with it still having the same problem, since it is not easily reproducible
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    Windows 8

    Got another crash, again while playing Diablo (I have been doing that a lot, work has me traveling and I stay in a hotel room all weekend).

    Even uninstalled Chrome prior to this crash. I had played ~3 hours without problem before it did it again. The only install/update I have done on this computer since a clean install is Diablo.

    Not sure what to do. My current plan is to contact MSI and try to RMA this laptop for a new one
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    This can be a problem that requires a return - but the only way to find out is to run the tests. And the tests might/might not tell you anything.
    You can take it to the vendor and have them run the tests - or you can run most of them yourself to see if you can rule some of the problems out. The vendor will likely have a few more tests that are either proprietary, or too expensive for the user to purchase.

    And yes, you're correct - I assumed it was a desktop system - as I didn't research the model number (although, in retrospect, I've never seen an MSI desktop model). Let the temperature monitor be your guide here. I usually suggest using a laptop cooling pad - but the variable fan does seem to indicate a functioning cooling system (although we do see cooling problems if the heatsink isn't making good contact with the CPU).

    Event ID 41 errors without signs of software issues (like this one) are usually hardware problems - and that means that it's gonna have to be repaired by the vendor/MSI.

    Here's the BSOD end of the analysis:

    You only have 25 Windows Updates installed. Most systems have 47 or more. Please visit Windows Update and get ALL available updates (it may take several trips to get them all).

    We have seen a lot of problems with the Killer network cards. Make sure that you have the latest, Win8 compatible drivers for this card. Maybe disable the card in the BIOS to see if that helps?

    C: drive only has about 10% free space. Windows likes 15% free space in order to perform stuff "behind the scenes" without adversely affecting the system's performance. Please free up 15% on ALL hard drives (you can get away with 10% on larger drives and won't notice a large performance penalty)

    We've seen a number of BSOD issues with SSD's. Here's the information that I've compiled so far:
    There's not a whole bunch available to test SSD's. The "easiest" test is to remove the SSD, install a platter-based hard drive, install Windows and test for stability that way.

    Here's some suggestions:
    - Update the SSD's firmware to the latest available version (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
    - Update the motherboard controllers drivers to the latest available version from the controller manufacturer (NOT the mobo manufacturer unless you can't find any on the controller manufacturer's website). Be sure to update ALL controllers on the motherboard! I STRONGLY suggest not using controller drivers older than mid-2012 with SSD's.
    - Slow the memory (RAM) down to the next slower speed (I've only seen one person who claimed that this worked for them).
    - Use any manufacturer's utilities that you may have. If you don't have any, then try this free one (I haven't used it myself): Crystal Dew World
    ....NOTE: Recently (Nov 2011) we had BSOD issues with the Marvell 91xx controller and an SSD. You may have to switch controllers also.
    - Replace the SSD with a platter based hard drive and see if that stops the BSOD's. If it does, then it's likely that there's a problem with the SSD OR an incompatibility with your system.
    06 Dec 2011 - This post tends to confirm issues with certain SSD chipsets and certain controllers - [SOLVED] cant find the cause of BSOD F4 - Tech Support Forum
    05 Jan 2013 - very interesting post about difficulties with the Marvell controllers even when not connected to the SSD drives:
    27 Feb 2013 - I'm starting to see much better reliability with SSD's using current (mid-2012 and later) storage drivers. I have withdrawn my objections to using these devices in everyday systems.
    No BSOD's in the WER section of MSINFO32 - this is suggestive of a problem that occurs before Windows can see it. This supports the theory that the Event ID 41 errors are hardware based.

    All in all, this looks like a hardware problem - so sending it in to the vendor/MSI is your best bet here. Include the results of your troubleshooting as it may help them isolate the problem(s).

    Good luck!
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Kernel Power Event 41 Task 63 - Random shutdown
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