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Blue Screen of Death- IRQL and Pagefault

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    Blue Screen of Death- IRQL and Pagefault

    Hi there, I built my computer very recently and ran linux on it for the first two weeks of it's life where it had no problems at all. I then recieved my copy of Windows 7 and installed it, this copy however kept on giving me BSODS with the above error codes so I got a copy of Windows 8 and installed that on my system, however I keep getting BSODS and the system is not very good for casual use, it will crash while using chrome and youtube however during games it will be fine.

    I'd appreciate any help I can get, my errors so far (in W8) have been




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    Here are some things I would try (if I had your problems):

    Disable any overclocking (if present) and test

    Update Mobo BIOS to current: ASRock > H77 Pro4/MVP

    Test Memory: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic or use 3rd party test (also try running on 1 stick at a time)

    If only Google Chrome - Try another browser
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    What I"ve done so far is disable intel speedstep and turbo boost, this seems to have reduced the frequency of my BSODS, however I still get them while browsing, especially during Youtube viewing and using two windows next to eachother.

    I've run windows memory diagnostic and had no issues with ram, to double check, I ran 6 passes of memtest which it passed with no problems. I ran seatools for windows and did the short generic test where the HDD passed and the long generic test ran for about 2 hours before I turned the PC off. I've changed the slot that my RAM was in but that hasn't seemed to make any difference. I am also running 1.5 BIOSon my motherboard.

    My problem seems to be the NTOSKRNL and so far I've been having a lot of errors that begin with USB, eg usbehci.sys and a couple more that I can't remember. One of my crashes was NVIDIA driver related however that was solved by updating the drivers. I have also run driver checker on my system which revelaed that all my drivers are up to date
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    Well, you certainly are working hard at trying to fix the problem! So, did you try a different browser and does it fail exactly like Google? Also, have you tried unplugging all USB devices and then browsing the internet and viewing your youtube videos? AND, are there any Event Logs being generated that are time-coincident with your failures?
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    Yes sir, using internet explorer, it still bsods however its more stable than chrome which will just crash if there's more than one tab open. It seems that YouTube is the killer. I shall try unplugging usb devices as soon as I get home. I am not really sure what you mean by event logs, (I'm completely lost when it comes to anything that's not hardware!). U have mini dumps and have viewed the bsods by using nirsoft blue screen reader
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    I've entered safe mode, running about 80 tabs of the watchdogs game trailer and no BSOD in sight!
    Those tabs were open in both internet explorer and chrome
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    The bsod has returned in windows whilst using chrome. Is it possible that chrome is the culprit. It happened while I was trying to watch a video on yotube
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yadash View Post
    The bsod has returned in windows whilst using chrome. Is it possible that chrome is the culprit. It happened while I was trying to watch a video on yotube
    There have been several reported instances of Chrome having some compatibility problems with Windows 8. Is IE10 working OK? If so, then Chrome is the problem! FYI, here is how to access the Event viewer: Hold down the Windows key+(letter)X and a menu will pop up:

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    Yes there's one that's one second off my NTOSKRNL BSOD, called Microsoft Windows Application Experience/ Program Compatibility Assistant
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    I haven't really used IE 10 that much but I will do to see if there's a problem with it.

    My worry is, that as soon as I logged in after installing Windows 8, I had a BSOD, which was either Pagefault in non paged area or Driver Irql not less or equal which means that it could be a hardware issue as I had those errors on previous windows installs and I'm not sure how to figure out which piece of hardware it is
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Blue Screen of Death- IRQL and Pagefault
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