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Blue Screen of Death- IRQL and Pagefault

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    I ran safari for the last 3/4 hours no problem, just text based surfing. I then opened up steam, went to big picture mode and was greeted by driver_irql_not_less_or_equal!

    The event logger shows that at the same time as the crash "Application" was running with current size 1.07 mb and maximum size 20 mb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yadash View Post
    I then opened up steam, went to big picture mode and was greeted by driver_irql_not_less_or_equal!
    All your problems stem around graphics-related functionality. Unfortunately, I don't know what "steam" is but do you use a browser to open it? If so, was it Chrome? If not, are your graphic drivers up-to-date? One additional question. Do you have the option of using integrated mobo graphics on you rig for a test? If so, could you please try using the integrated and go check out a youtube movie?
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    Steam is a gaming client sort of thing which allows users to purchase games and interact with eachother. It's a programme of its own and doesn't need a browser to open.

    The thing is I was hoping all the bsods were related to intergrated graphics andthat they wwould go away once the discrete card arrived but unfortunately it isn't so.

    Would pagefault and irql be caused by gpu? I was leaning more towards it being a ram problem, but I'm lost now. Could it be the motherboard that doesn't have good contact with the ram?
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    Set your BIOS to "Defaults" and retest:

    Attachment 17276

    If no good, try setting your RAM to run at 1333MHz (even though 1600 is supported).

    Make sure your memory is installed per the pix below:

    Attachment 17277

    Try running on each memory module "individually" to try and isolate the problem (see pix above).
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    I reflashed my bios and felt an instant improvement in response in windows 8 no micro freezes and indie the same thing I did in steam which caused a bsod twice and nada. I think it might be okay Moe. Norepli, you sir are AWESOME, thank you so much for helping me!!!
    I'll post back tomorrow to see if it's worked.
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    Wow! Great news (hopefully). The BIOS reflash probably reset everything to defaults so you might want to check that your PCI-E graphics card is enabled but other than that, if it works, don't tinker with those settings. You've work hard at resolving this so I'm really got my fingers crossed for you!
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    It's back
    USBEHCI.sys and HIDCLASS.SYS Driver Irql not less or equal
    Pagefault in non paged area in the morning ntfs.sys
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    I have a zip of all of my mini dumps if that would be helpful in sorting the matter out. I'm so gutted, I thought I'd have a working system finally
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    Hello Yadash,

    Are you using a wireless keyboard and/or mouse?

    Pending your response to the above I think your time would be better served by doing the following:
    -Change RAM settings to run at 1333MHz (from 1600)
    -Test each RAM stick by running on "only one at a time." We have to eliminate that as a possible cause.

    -Reset your BIOS to defaults and get ready to do a full clean install (including a reformat of the hard drive during the clean install process)
    -Once the install is complete, immediately install all Windows updates and get to current.
    -Now, check for any problems in device manager (if problems are found, do not install any unnecessary drivers at this time). For example, if a sound driver is missing, don't install it yet. If windows installed a generic driver for your graphics card and monitor, leave that alone for now as well.
    -Now, let the system run "as-is" and/or you can try accessing the internet and looking at a youtube movie to see if the problem has returned. Again, do not install any software unless you are satisfied the PC is running OK now.
    Now, once you have determined the PC is running OK, start to update the device drivers; however, do it slowly because we have to isolate the cause of the problem. Once all the device drivers have been updated and the PC is running OK, I would proceed with a slow, systematic install of the individual software programs.

    I think if you follow the above, it will help you "isolate" the cause of your problems. I know this is a lot of work but you could have done this procedure 10 times over within the timeframe you have spent trying to resolve your current problems.
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    I am indeed using a wireless keyboard and mouse set, it's a Microsoft 800 desktop set. I'm more than happy to follow the proccedure if it means a trouble free or a diagnosed computer. I only have one stick of ram which holds the 8gb capacity.
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Blue Screen of Death- IRQL and Pagefault
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