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Driver IRQL Not Less Or Equal (IDSvix86.sys) BSOD error

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    Driver IRQL Not Less Or Equal (IDSvix86.sys) BSOD error

    Please help me I have this BSOD error randomly on my screen :

    Your PC ran into a problem
    Driver IRQL Not Less Or Equal (IDSvix86.sys)

    Here is the minidump file

    Please help

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    Remove Norton Antivirus, it's causing BSOD-s for you:

    If the removal tool does not work, use the free version of Revo Uninstaller to uninstall Norton:
    Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

    The built-in Windows Defender is a robust antivirus and you do not need 3rd party anti virus programs on Win 8.
    I would still recommend you to download and install the free version of Malware Bytes and run weekly scans.

    BugCheck Analysis:

    You can run '.symfix; .reload' to try to fix the symbol path and load symbols.
    FAULTING_MODULE: 81c14000 nt
    READ_ADDRESS: unable to get nt!MmSpecialPoolStart
    unable to get nt!MmSpecialPoolEnd
    unable to get nt!MmPagedPoolEnd
    unable to get nt!MmNonPagedPoolStart
    unable to get nt!MmSizeOfNonPagedPoolInBytes
    9422a2f9 8b01            mov     eax,dword ptr [ecx]
    LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from 81d82840 to 81d0bccc
    WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
    a6e9a064 81d82840 0000000a 00000000 00000002 nt+0xf7ccc
    a6e9a084 9422a2f9 badb0d00 00000001 82ebe57d nt+0x16e840
    a6e9a0f8 9423cbca 88e8cd70 a6e9a1b8 87a1d838 IDSvix86+0x2a2f9
    a6e9a138 94233a36 00000000 00000000 9ea24ed8 IDSvix86+0x3cbca
    a6e9a19c 94235b6b 00000000 a6e9a1fc 9ea24c20 IDSvix86+0x33a36
    a6e9a224 94232c82 9ea24ed8 00000000 9ea24848 IDSvix86+0x35b6b
    a6e9a250 942305fb 9ea24988 00000000 00000000 IDSvix86+0x32c82
    a6e9a278 9422da86 a6e9a310 00000000 9ea247c8 IDSvix86+0x305fb
    a6e9a2a8 9422deca a6e9a310 9ea247c8 88f34cb8 IDSvix86+0x2da86
    a6e9a2c4 9422a8e6 00000000 a6e9a310 00000000 IDSvix86+0x2deca
    a6e9a2e8 942030fd 88f34cb8 00000000 a6e9a310 IDSvix86+0x2a8e6
    a6e9a350 94214fb8 88f34cb8 85c00c70 00000000 IDSvix86+0x30fd
    a6e9a3c4 82e6358e a6e9a994 a6e9a9b8 a6e9a4b4 IDSvix86+0x14fb8
    a6e9a418 82e63258 a6e9a4c8 c5df5b60 c5df5b60 NETIO+0x3458e
    a6e9a444 82e631af a6e9a4c8 c5df5b60 c5df5b60 NETIO+0x34258
    a6e9a478 82e65b18 a6e9a4c8 c5df5b60 00000000 NETIO+0x341af
    a6e9a4e8 82e70fed 00000014 94214ee0 00000000 NETIO+0x36b18
    a6e9a5a0 82e32ffb 00000014 a6e9a994 a6e9a9b8 NETIO+0x41fed
    a6e9a678 82e31801 00000014 a6e9a994 a6e9a9b8 NETIO+0x3ffb
    a6e9a8a8 82e6168b 00000014 a6e9a994 a6e9a9b8 NETIO+0x2801
    a6e9a960 82e614a3 00000014 a6e9a994 a6e9a9b8 NETIO+0x3268b
    a6e9abbc 82e60e0c d3dc3788 00000014 a6e9abe4 NETIO+0x324a3
    a6e9abec 830c5050 d3dc3788 00000000 88762a80 NETIO+0x31e0c
    a6e9ac2c 83079747 8911a008 8911a100 88762a80 tcpip+0xaf050
    a6e9adb4 830648b7 8662a960 a6e9ae20 85f9cfd0 tcpip+0x63747
    a6e9ae68 8305920e 8911a008 a6e9aef8 00000000 tcpip+0x4e8b7
    a6e9aeec 83064e1b 8662a960 86627000 00000000 tcpip+0x4320e
    a6e9af74 8307513b 8662a960 86627000 00000001 tcpip+0x4ee1b
    a6e9af9c 83096962 a6e9afac 83157fc8 8662a960 tcpip+0x5f13b
    a6e9afc8 830965d0 00000006 00000000 83157fc8 tcpip+0x80962
    a6e9b004 830960c9 83157fc8 a6e9b064 a6e9b05c tcpip+0x805d0
    a6e9b090 830952c9 83157fc8 a6e9b0f0 860e8008 tcpip+0x800c9
    a6e9b188 94188609 892e6a68 89a96e48 86a69e01 tcpip+0x7f2c9
    a6e9b1fc 82d1ee6f 0cabb1e4 89a96e48 00000000 wanarp+0x3609
    a6e9b244 82d702ce 86be25a0 89a96e48 00000000 ndis+0x2e6f
    a6e9b2c0 82d1eba7 89a96e48 00000000 00000001 ndis+0x542ce
    a6e9b30c 82e1a5f2 869e20e8 89a96e48 00000000 ndis+0x2ba7
    a6e9b370 82e1a818 88df8298 85bd98f0 8800d214 ndiswan+0x1a5f2
    a6e9b3b8 82e1b03d 88df8298 85bd98f0 872c47f8 ndiswan+0x1a818
    a6e9b3d8 82e08395 872c47f8 85bd98f0 8833baf8 ndiswan+0x1b03d
    a6e9b40c 82d4f6f8 86046bc0 86a69fa0 85bd98f0 ndiswan+0x8395
    a6e9b440 82d4f22b 8619a158 86a69ef0 00000001 ndis+0x336f8
    a6e9b458 97626191 8619a158 86a69ef0 00000001 ndis+0x3322b
    a6e9ba7c 97629491 88d7d008 00000000 863f7408 raspppoe+0xb191
    a6e9bacc 82d1ee6f 88d7d008 86a69ef0 00000000 raspppoe+0xe491
    a6e9bb14 82d1e99f 863f7408 86a69ef0 00000000 ndis+0x2e6f
    a6e9bb90 82d1eba7 86a69ef0 00000000 00000001 ndis+0x299f
    a6e9bbdc 97ee6ec0 87c3c0e8 86a69ef0 00000000 ndis+0x2ba7
    a6e9bc10 97ee9a64 00598000 a6e9bc78 ffffffff L1C63x86+0x6ec0
    a6e9bc30 97eea246 85598000 a6e9bc78 a6e9bc94 L1C63x86+0x9a64
    a6e9bc40 82d26cea 85598000 00000000 a6e9bc78 L1C63x86+0xa246
    a6e9bc94 82d26abf 872df01c 00000000 00000000 ndis+0xacea
    a6e9bcf4 82d26864 872df0c4 87e41780 00000000 ndis+0xaabf
    a6e9bd34 81cd8415 00000000 d04c0617 00000000 ndis+0xa864
    a6e9bd70 81d84039 82d26745 00000000 00000000 nt+0xc4415
    00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 nt+0x170039
    9422a2f9 8b01            mov     eax,dword ptr [ecx]
    SYMBOL_NAME:  IDSvix86+2a2f9
    FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner
    IMAGE_NAME:  IDSvix86.sys
    Followup: MachineOwner
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    Windows 8 32 bit

    Thank You very much
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    You're welcome.
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    Windows 8 32 bit

    Also thank you for very fast reply
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

    Quote Originally Posted by cooldudeachyut View Post
    Also thank you for very fast reply
    LOL no problem.
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Driver IRQL Not Less Or Equal (IDSvix86.sys) BSOD error
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