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    Each RAM chip individually has passed Memtest twice when in DIMM 1, with no unexpected shutdowns like when they're together. I suppose that means DIMM 2 might be the problem? I'll test it now.

    And I can't really get into Windows too reliably. Since we began this process, the BSODs have become much more frequent, to the point of only getting a couple of minutes of operation out of the OS, and that's if it even loads at all.

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    DIMM 2 also passed. Those were the only two slots I was using. Should I continue testing every DIMM, test my chips together again, or move on to other diagnostics?
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    Alright, after replacing my RAM chips, Memtest actually finished with them both installed, still with no errors.
    I also ran the extended test on the Western Digital HDD Diagnostic program. No errors.
    Malware scans aren't returning any infections.

    Apparently removing and replacing the RAM did something helpful, as my computer has been up and running without a BSOD for about a half an hour now, which is a significant improvement over earlier today.

    Now that I have Windows up again, I would run the Prime95 program you suggested, but I don't know how to monitor my CPU temperatures, as is instructed in the link you sent me.

    EDIT: Never mind; just blue-screened again after about 90 minutes of uptime. Same error.
    I've uploaded the minidumps made since I began this thread.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    OK, a couple of things here

    1) I suspect that there's a problem with your motherboard (or the BIOS). The problem (for me) is that hardware problems usually show themselves as different memory dumps and causes. Having all these STOP 0x133's says to me that it's a consistent problem - rather than the random one that hardware causes. So that tends to make me suspicious of the BIOS rather than the mobo itself - but that's of no matter if there isn't a recently updated BIOS available.

    The other suspect is your video. I can't recall, have you replaced your video drivers during all of this? Have you checked your video card's cooling? Have you tried another video card?

    2) Please go to C:\Windows, locate the MEMORY.dmp file, zip it up and upload it to a free file-hosting service. Then post a link to it here.

    3) This is to get started on the difficult stuff that I mentioned in my first/second post
    Press Win and X
    Click on Computer Management (press G)
    Expand the System Tools...Performance...Data Collector Sets...Event Trace Sessions
    Ensure that "Circular Kernel Context Logger"is running

    I'm hoping that this will give us some additional info that's not usually available.
    Also, with this info - if I can't figure it out, I'll ask others who are more familiar with the details of debugging and WMI tracing.

    4) Another option is to install Win7 and see if that stops the problems. If it does, then I'd strongly suspect your BIOS and would be fairly certain that this is a compatibility issue with your BIOS. (which means that you'd need a new mobo in order to run Win8).

    5) I see that you have Core Temp installed on your system. Can you use that to monitor your CPU temps when running Prime95?
    If not, here's 2 other suggested tools:
    I suggest using a temperature monitoring program. I picked this free one because it was the first one I found that also shows GPU temps: CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting
    I also suggest this one:
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Another 133 topic here: DPC Watchdog Violation on Application Launch

    Although this one is fairly clearcut (and yours isn't) - I have to wonder if the "rash" of 133's is video driver related.
    Try different versions of your video drivers to see. Use the following link to install "DRIVERS ONLY": ATI video cards - DRIVER ONLY installation procedure
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    1) Yeah, the mobo is a little old, so, as mentioned before, the MSI hasn't provided any BIOS updates since 2010.
    Also, I have replaced my video card drivers...I think. It at least installed some AMD program (not Overdrive, as I recall you telling me that it was a no-no). I'll try that again.
    How would I go about checking my card's cooling?
    I don't have another video card.


    3) Circular Kernel Context Logger was already running.

    4) I'm not completely opposed to wiping my hard drive and installing Win7, but I'll need some time to back up a few more things. It's just inconvenient (though I realize that convenience is already very far gone at this point).

    5) Yeah, I installed Core Temp after posting that I had no way of monitoring my CPU temperature. I was just hoping that Core Temp was wrong, as it was telling me that my CPU temp was about 90 degrees Celsius when simply idling. Seeing as how your instructions on how to use Prime95 said to not let temps exceed 85 degrees Celsius, I figured that was problematic.
    While typing this post, Core Temp is telling me 71 degrees Celsius.
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    Trying to follow the instructions for installing the ATI drivers only, I, of course, was instructed to uninstall all ATI software on my computer. However, even after telling the install manager to remove all ATI/AMD software I'm still left with the folder pictured below. Is that normal?Attachment 15078
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    You MUST fix the CPU temps before proceeding!
    The CPU temp shouldn't exceed the mid 50șC mark (although I wouldn't get excited until it hits 60șC).
    Excessively high temps can damage the CPU permanently!

    Post over in the Hardware Forums if you need detailed instructions: Hardware & Drivers - Windows 8 Forums
    I suggest:
    - reseating the cooler on your CPU with new thermal compound
    - ensuring that the cooler is clean and free of dust/hairballs
    - that the cooler fan is working
    - that there is adequate room to ensure that the cooler gets good airflow.
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    Alright, after taking a good look at my heatsink, I realized that it appeared pretty ridiculously clogged with dust (I'm embarrassed by my apparent negligence ). I cleared most all of it out and relocated the case to a more open area. Now temps seem to be settling around 37-40șC.

    I suppose I'll now continue on with the re-installation of my ATI drivers, following the link you posted.
    But to re-ask a question I posed earlier, should I still have that AMD folder on my C: drive? I told the AMD Catalyst Install Manager to remove all AMD software, so I'm a bit confused as to whether or not that should be there. I feel like they shouldn't because when I check the Driver File Details on my video card in Device Manager, it brings up a large list of drivers files that have either "ati" or "amd" in the name.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    There are ATI/AMD drivers built into the Windows system - so you may always have traces of them leftover.
    Also, the AMD/ATI installer/uninstaller doesn't necessarily remove everything when it uninstalls the AMD/ATI stuff.
    Don't worry about what's left over tho.

    Just FYI - my system died this morning, so I won't be able to do multiple memory dumps or the advanced troubleshooting until I get a system back up.
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