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USASMA Many Thanks for your Time and Assistance

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    USASMA Many Thanks for your Time and Assistance

    So I want to thank everyone who assisted in my personal turmoil. The damn thing was on the verge of driving me crazy. The solution presented to me and my own forgetfulness to reinstall the original drivers and an updated Intel Chipset, eventually fix the problems I was experiencing with my Hp Compaq dc7600 Business PC that shipped with Windows XP Pro SP3 and I thought that I could update to Windows 8.

    All my "Pfn_List_Corrupts" which made 38 appearances in December disappeared, the "Page_Fault_in_Non_Page_Area" and "Driver_Verification_Detected_Violation", only made one appearance in December, and "Memory_Management" 7 appearances by dealing with only 2 files: One file associated with an obsolete version of Cyberlink Ultra DVD and a Broadcom Gigabit Network driver which was also obsolete.

    This taught me a valuable lesson. Don't always try to be first. My computers will crash with less frequency.

    However, it also showed me just how ancient my HP Compaq XP Pro units had become. I work for an organization that manages about 30,000 XP Pro computers across the US and Europe. My job last month was to evaluate the possibly of upgrading the entire XP Pro system to Windows 8 Pro.

    So you see I really do thank everyone for their help.

    So how did I expunge that little crisis? For the organization I recommended that the XP Pro systems be put out to pasture, based upon the number and variety of errors I experience from 2 obsolete drivers – the man hours alone weren't economically feasible to keep the units any longer, in my opinion.

    Since the Organization Brass was urgent about moving to the Windows 8 Pro OS. I also had to find a solution to that and as it turned out, I got the idea for that solution by dealing with own XP Pro unit. Once I had it repaired, I gave it away to a nephew for his 6 year old. These XP Pro systems that the Organization had, have 4 GB RAM, 3.0 chip, 80GB hard drives and 8 USB ports, and DVD 52X burners, we run a lot of external hard drives.

    After they finish pulling data from the drives of the individual units, they will be donated to Grade School children – I suspect to lose a few billion in the deal but due to the replacement costs; not the donation: I will get a sizable Tax Write-off and a whole lot of “Good Will” for the organization, which is worth more than money, sometimes.

    As it turned out someone higher up than me, made the decision that the Techs weren't earning their pay and decided that before releasing the XP Pro units to the public they would be repaired, by removing the Cyberlink software and replace the Ethernet cards for newer versions. Oh well, crap happens, every day where I work, it seems.

    As I said in my first post that I upgraded two units, the other being HP Compaq Notebooks from Windows Vista Basic to Windows 8 Pro without any problems – which really pissed me off.

    So I recommended the purchase of 30,000 second-hand HP Compaq dc7900 Small Form Factor Energy Star computers. With these specifications: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00Ghz Wolfdale 45mm, ATI Radeon HD 2480 XT, 160 GB Western Digital WDC SATA, 4GB Ram, 8 USB ports, Windows Vista Business SP2. I am not exactly sure what the Finance Department payed for each Bulk Lot, yet.

    In Tacoma, Washington, where I live, I went to a company called "Better PC Recycling", where I had been shopping since 2004:

    Better PC Recycling,
    2608 104th St. Ct.,
    Lakewood, Washington 98499

    They buy huge bulk lots from school districts, both Intel and Apple, and have a whole warehouse of things I had never seen before or even knew what they did, all sorts of electronic products that schools may have need of. They will sell you anything in that warehouse, as long as they have tested it first and then test it again in front of you and they take the time to educate as well as inform – it's is where I recently got my lecture in RAM.

    Each Microsoft OS requires a different type of RAM for optimal operation. About a year ago I bought 4gb of RAM for the dc7600 at "Best Buy" for about a hundred dollars, DDR2 Dual 332.3Mhz, the dc7900 uses DDR2 Dual 399.0Mhz, so it wasn't possible to simply move the RAM from one unit to another. In some respects, the faster your RAM, the faster your computer.

    Google it because it is in an area of Gray warehouses, so I bought this unit to replace my win XP Pro SP3 dc7600 Small Form Factor Business unit:

    • HP Compaq dc7900 Small Form Factor Energy Star computer,
    • Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00Ghz Wolfdale 45mm,
    • ATI Radeon HD 2480 XT,
    • 160 GB Western Digital WDC SATA,
    • 4GB Ram,
    • 8 USB ports,
    • Windows Vista Business SP2. Upgradable to Windows 8.

    For a whopping $220.00. I really couldn't turn it down.

    However, I ran into a problem when I decided to give the former XP Pro unit to the nephew with Win 8 Pro on it and realized I couldn't just install the Win 8 Pro upgrade disk on a new computer without first accounting for the XP Pro unit I had previously upgraded using the same disc. In the Activation area –where you have to read off a long line of numbers to an automated voice on the end of a Microsoft phone line.

    Would some one know how these matters are to be handled given the leasing agreement?

    • Am I still obligated to the original leasing agreement when I don't physically own the unit containing Windows 8 Pro OS?
    • Am I responsible for stripping the Windows 8 Pro OS off the hard drive before ownership transfer?
    • Do I need to create a local account for the nephew and delete all mention of my Microsoft Accounts on the former dc7600 XP Pro unit since I have already use my Microsoft Account during Activation on the new upgrade of the dc7900 Vista Business unit to Windows 8 Pro?
    • Is it legal in this regard to simply create a new Microsoft Account for the former XP Pro unit and then give it to the nephew so he can access the Store?
    • Do these extras simply move with the OS regardless who owns the unit the OS is installed on?

    It may take a few days to get an answer – so I think as much of myself that I can remove from the OS without damaging the OS might be appropriate, including the creation of the local account and if the nephew wants a Microsoft account to unlock the Store he can probably get it for himself he is rather impatient now that he knows he is getting the unit. At some point you think they are going to grow up but they never do.


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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    I'd suggest either posting in the General Discussion forums here at EightForums, or at the Microsoft Answers forums for more specific guidance about the legalities involved with these systems.

    Good luck!
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USASMA Many Thanks for your Time and Assistance
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