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Computer shuts down 5 seconds after starting up(Windows 8)

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    Windows 8

    Computer shuts down 5 seconds after starting up(Windows 8)

    Only 1 time that this problem occur I'm not sure exactly why it's happening.

    But after again I open my computer I got warn from Windows 8 that something went wrong with my

    computer and give me decide to send an error report to Microsoft or not.

    And this is my dump files,It seems occur from hal.dll+4f695.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Try un-installing and then updating the application Coretemp: Core Temp

    It's about the only driver I can see that could be out of date from the crash dump file:

    ALSysIO64.sys - Driver Reference Table - ALSysIO64.sys

    Of course it goes without saying make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card, chipset etc... I couldn't get this information from the dump file on this occasion.

    Hopefully an expert can give you more information should updating the above driver not help.

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Computer shuts down 5 seconds after starting up(Windows 8)
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