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BSOD in games

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    Windows 8 Professional x64 (UEFI/WMC)

    BSOD in games

    Hello, I'm suffering from recurring BSOD which happens only in games variably 5-120 minutes into the game. Its worth mentioning this BSOD was occuring on my old PC running Win 7 x64 and is happening on new PC running Win 8 x64 which inherited 3 HDDs, PSU and Graphics Card from the old one. I must also note that temperatures on GPU are nominal and underclocking seems to have no effect on occurance of the BSOD and it never appears outside game. My guess would be fauly GPU or even software. Using latest updates/drivers.

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    Windows 8 Pro 64bit

    The minidumps appear to be pointing to the file: VirtuWDDM.sys which is the VIRTU LucidInterop WDDM Driver by LucidLogix:

    Driver Reference Table - VirtuWDDM.sys

    There doesn't appear to be a Windows 8 driver update but does appear to be a Windows 7 version that can be updated:

    lucidlogix with GPU Solution

    If this software is not needed I highly recommend un-installing it completely.

    You might also consider un-installing and then re-installing your graphics card drivers to the latest if you have not done so already:

    ATI: AMD Driver Autodetect
    Nvidia: Drivers | GeForce

    I have found some drivers that you should also consider updating if possible to windows 8 versions or if not possible un-installing/removing:

    ASUSFILTER.sys - ASUS USB Hub filter driver: Driver Reference Table - ASUSFILTER.sys
    AsUpIO.sys - ASUS hardware monitoring software related: Driver Reference Table - AsUpIO.sys
    ElRawDsk.sys - RawDisk Driver by EldoS Corporation: Driver Reference Table - ElRawDsk.sys
    LGBusEnum.sys - Logitech Keyboard: Driver Reference Table - LGBusEnum.sys
    LGVirHid.sys - Logitech Gamepanel Virtual HID Device Driver: Driver Reference Table - LGVirHid.sys
    ICCWDT.sys - IIntel(R) Watchdog Timer Driver: Driver Reference Table - ICCWDT.sys
    afcdp.sys - Acronis File Level CDP Kernel Helper: Driver Reference Table - afcdp.sys

    I also looked at your hosts file and that appears to be incorrect and might need resetting to default, you can use this tool here to accomplish this:

    Repair Hosts File

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    Windows 8 Professional x64 (UEFI/WMC)

    I'm using Windows 8 compatible LucidLogix (lucidlogix with GPU Solution), but truth is its still fresh and may be the cause. I'll try to run without it and see if it solves the issue. As for hosts file these are my edits so its cool. Thanks.
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    Windows 8 Pro 64bit

    I can see you (or someone) has edited the hosts file but it's not in the correct format. If you wish to block certain sites it should be in the format of:

    I'm not sure if this would cause a BSOD or connections problems for you but I would consider resetting your hosts file and then using the correct format to manually block sites. Please see this article on how to do this correctly:

    Tweak your windows hosts file

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BSOD in games
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