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Black Screen in login screen Windows 8 Pro 32. GTX 550

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    Vista Business 32 bits

    Black Screen in login screen Windows 8 Pro 32. GTX 550

    Hi everybody. I'm kinda desperate with that problem, i hope you can help me.

    I installed Win8 Pro, everything fine, i installed some programs and the latest drivers from Nvidia, i ran windows update so i rebooted, bios screen was right and then it appeared the win8 screen with the window and the circle looping and right after that while i had to be in the login screen i just get a black but stuttering screen where i only can see the mouse pointer. I restart in safe mode, uninstall the 550 Ti, then i can reboot whithout problem, Win8 detects the card and autoinstall the latest drivers and eveything is fine again and i'm able to play whatever i want, until i have to reboot or shutdown again. I need to uninstall the card from the device manager everytime i reboot if i want to have the chance of login again. Apart from this, everything runs fine.

    So it looks like the card works right but there is a problem with the "welcome" and login screen. It's weird and frustrating and i would appreciate any help.

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    The BIOS on your system dates from 2007. I'd have to wonder if this system is compatible with Windows 8

    Many of your storage controller drivers date from 2008 and earlier - I'd have to wonder about those that are involved in any crashes, but there are no memory dump files to examine.

    Lot's of errors about services not starting and Windows Updates not installing - but I don't speak Spanish so I can't be sure about the details. I must ask if this is a legal copy of Windows - as illegal copies have many of these same symptoms - and fixing them isn't something that we can do here.
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    This is a legal copy i got from MS DreamSPark since my college has a premium access to it. I already didnt activate cause i only can do two activations and i dont want to waste one when i already don't know if it works, but i can do that if it's your advice. Regarding the idiom, i don't know how to get in english, if you tell me how i'll give you though.

    ¿How can i provide you the memory dump files? In the other hand, my desktop is not in the Dell supported list for Win8 but except for that issue everything is right.

    Thank you for your help.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Don't worry about the differences between the languages. If I have a concern I'll ask you.
    Don't waste the activation just yet, I don't think that that's the root issue here.
    You probably don't have any memory dump files - as the data collection app that you used to post info automatically collects them.

    I would check to see if there are any BIOS updates available. Be careful if flashing the BIOS, as any mistakes can physically damage the BIOS chip on the motherboard.

    Also, try System Restore to see if you have any restore points from before the problem started happening.

    If that doesn't work, then the next step would be a fresh install of Windows without any additional programs.
    Then check Device Manager and fix any issues there.
    Then get ALL available Windows Updates
    Then set a System Restore point (so you can go back to a point before the Black Screen problems start)
    Then see if the problem recurs
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    Vista Business 32 bits

    Hi again.

    I already tried System Restore but the problem was still there. Tomorrow i will try the fresh install following the steps you suggest and see what happens. Regarding BIOS, i'm on version 1.03 and i know there is a 1.15 version released in 2008, but i'm worried about damaging my mobo and i didnt try.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Vista Business 32 bits

    Apparently the problem is solved before doing the clean install. I don't know if the problem was solved by any windows update or perhaps that i disabled the fast start. Anyway, thanks you.
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    This happens to me randomly like once every 10 boots or so. I found a curious 'fix' for this problem, at least it helps get into my desktop, maybe it will work for you:

    When you see the black screen on boot, press this sequence of key combos:

    1. Alt+F4
    2. Enter
    3. Windows+D

    Voila! You're in your desktop.

    I suspect the black screen is the metro UI not appearing properly or something like that, idk but this works for me every time.

    Hope this helps!
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Black Screen in login screen Windows 8 Pro 32. GTX 550
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