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Error code 0xc000000e

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    Windows 8.1

    Error code 0xc000000e

    Hi guys, I'm here asking for your help about this error after I tried to solve it on my own without success. I'll try my best to explain the problem and to give you more details possible.
    I bought in August this new pc (ask me if you need hardware details) with Windows 7 home premium. Some weeks ago i purchased the upgrade for Windows 8 Pro and I upgraded from Windows 7. As I was experiencing some bugs with some applications (like firefox) I decided to start things over. I downloaded the Windows installer from my account, burned it on a DVD and then I used the Windows 8 option Settings > Change Pc Settings > General > Remove everything and reinstall windows.
    Everything went fine and Windows 8 was working great until I turned off the pc. When I turned it on again I got the error in the title (here is an image)

    Imageshack - mg3433j.jpg

    Now if I press enter or F8 nothing happens but if I just press the power button then the pc turn off, and if I turn it on again everything works just fine. This thing is like a cycle. Every time I shut down the pc from Windows, when I try to turn it on again I got this error. Then I just turn it off and then on again, and I can use the pc just fine (no crush or bugs so far), but it's quite annoying and the pc is new and I would like it to works.

    Anyway it seems like it can't find the hard drive when it starts up, but I don't understand why it works when I turn it on again (P.S. when the pc is RESTARTED I never get this error).

    I told you everything I could, I really hope you can help me, thank you!
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    Most likely this is a driver that doesn't load properly (so the hard drive isn't recognized).

    But, I suggest starting with these free diagnostics just-in-case: Initial Hardware Diagnostics

    Then, please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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Error code 0xc000000e
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