Another update. I was told by Adaptec Support that they had drivers for my card but hadn't posted them around one month ago. Approximately two weeks later, Adaptec Support said that they would not release new drivers for Windows 8 and that the info on their Website at: What Adaptec products are supported in Windows 8 and Server 2012? was incorrect and that it would be changed, I understood. About two weeks later, the incorrect info is still posted.

To solve the BSOD coming out of Sleep Mode, with the help of an ASUS 3rd level Support person, I decided to forget Adaptec and purchase another RAID card from another company. I purchased an LSI 9271-4i, and after setting it up and restoring the image I made, the issue of getting a BSOD coming out of Sleep Mode was finally resolved. LSI does have Windows 8 drivers for the card which I believe, started to be sold last year. According to ASUS there was an incompatibility between the Adaptec card and the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Rev 1 and Rev 2 motherboards (which could have been resolved if Adaptec would have supplied updated Windows drivers).

I would like to make the comment that the LSI 9271-4i has a known issue of the drive activity headers not working. LSI is looking into the issue.