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BSOD? Random restarts every 25mins - Clean install

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    Windows 8 Pro 64bit

    BSOD? Random restarts every 25mins - Clean install

    Hi all, first time posting so play nicely please!

    Completed my first install of Win8 yesterday, so far so so - not sure I'm a fan of the two disparate interfaces yet, but anyhoo...

    Biggest issue is that my computer restarts roughly every 25mins or so when left idling, and even when in use has restarted a few times (but not as often).

    I'm at a loss where to start even! Not running an OC, not even using a PCI graphics card at the moment (haven't got round to cleaning my old one off yet!), all new hardware, and yet reboots.

    I left it on overnight having gone to bed around 11, and the screenshot attached also shows the reboot regularity.

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated, as currently, this isn't particularly workable!

    (Have attached logs etc - system is a GA-Z77DS3H, i5 3470, OCZ SSD, OCZ 550W PSU, 8GB Crucial)

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Event ID 41 Kernel-Power errors are usually hardware problems - such as broken stuff or overheating. Please check to see that everything is seated properly and isn't overheating (I suggest this free temp monitor: HWiNFO, HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 - Hardware Information and Analysis Tools )

    There are no memory dumps in the uploaded attachment, so this tends to support the theory that this is a hardware problem.
    Please run these free diagnostics: Hardware Diagnostics

    You have no Windows Updates - most systems have 17 or more. Please visit Windows Update and get ALL available updates

    We've seen a number of BSOD issues with SSD's. Here's the information that I've compiled so far:
    There's not a whole bunch available to test SSD's. The "easiest" test is to remove the SSD, install a platter-based hard drive, install Windows and test for stability that way.

    Here's some suggestions:
    - Update the SSD's firmware to the latest available version (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
    - Update the motherboard controllers drivers to the latest available version from the controller manufacturer (NOT the mobo manufacturer unless you can't find any on the controller manufacturer's website)
    - Slow the memory (RAM) down to the next slower speed (I've only seen one person who claimed that this worked for them).
    - Use any manufacturer's utilities that you may have. If you don't have any, then try this free one (I haven't used it myself): Crystal Dew World
    - Update chipset and storage controller drivers to the latest available from the manufacturer of the device (not the manufacturer of the motherboard). Be sure to update ALL controllers on the motherboard!
    ....NOTE: Recently (Nov 2011) we had BSOD issues with the Marvell 91xx controller and an SSD. You may have to switch controllers also.
    - Replace the SSD with a platter based hard drive and see if that stops the BSOD's. If it does, then it's likely that there's a problem with the SSD OR an incompatibility with your system.
    It's my opinion that SSD's aren't reliable enough (with current hardware) to be used on a system that needs to work reliably. Until I see reliability I will not recommend, nor will I use, SSD's for critical applications.
    06 Dec 2011 - This post tends to confirm issues with certain SSD chipsets and certain controllers - [SOLVED] cant find the cause of BSOD F4 - Tech Support Forum
    29 May 2012 - The frequency of BSOD's with SSD's seems to have been decreasing over the last several months. It may be approaching time to re-evaluate my stand on their suitability for use in production systems.
    10 Nov 2012 - I'm seeing an upswing in SSD errors - but most appear due to older storage controller drivers. I strongly suggest NOT using storage controller drivers that don't date from 2012 (if none are available, don't connect an SSD to that controller)
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BSOD? Random restarts every 25mins - Clean install
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