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    Windows 8 Freezing


    I have been having problems with Windows 8 Pro freezing at random times whilst in use the system will become completely unresponsive and the only way to use the system again is by pressing the reset button. I have all the latest updates installed for Windows 8, I have also installed all the latest chipset and graphics drivers. The only driver that I think could be causing the system to crash is the Creative Sound Card driver is this likely to contribute to the crashing? I have also uploaded some log files etc for an expert to analyse.

    Many thanks for your help.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Could someone please respond and advise regarding the logs that I attached are they showing anything unusual?
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    SSD issues are related to firmware and drivers - so the advice for Win7 also applies to Win8.
    Get the latest firmware for your SSD and ensure that your storage controller drivers date from 2012 (the newer the better).
    Here's my canned speech for Win7:
    We've seen a number of BSOD issues with SSD's. Here's the information that I've compiled so far:
    There's not a whole bunch available to test SSD's. The "easiest" test is to remove the SSD, install a platter-based hard drive, install Windows and test for stability that way.

    Here's some suggestions:
    - Update the SSD's firmware to the latest available version (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
    - Update the motherboard controllers drivers to the latest available version from the controller manufacturer (NOT the mobo manufacturer unless you can't find any on the controller manufacturer's website)
    - Slow the memory (RAM) down to the next slower speed (I've only seen one person who claimed that this worked for them).
    - Use any manufacturer's utilities that you may have. If you don't have any, then try this free one (I haven't used it myself): Crystal Dew World
    - Update chipset and storage controller drivers to the latest available from the manufacturer of the device (not the manufacturer of the motherboard). Be sure to update ALL controllers on the motherboard!
    ....NOTE: Recently (Nov 2011) we had BSOD issues with the Marvell 91xx controller and an SSD. You may have to switch controllers also.
    - Replace the SSD with a platter based hard drive and see if that stops the BSOD's. If it does, then it's likely that there's a problem with the SSD OR an incompatibility with your system.
    It's my opinion that SSD's aren't reliable enough (with current hardware) to be used on a system that needs to work reliably. Until I see reliability I will not recommend, nor will I use, SSD's for critical applications.
    06 Dec 2011 - This post tends to confirm issues with certain SSD chipsets and certain controllers - [SOLVED] cant find the cause of BSOD F4 - Tech Support Forum
    29 May 2012 - The frequency of BSOD's with SSD's seems to have been decreasing over the last several months. It may be approaching time to re-evaluate my stand on their suitability for use in production systems.
    AMD High Definition Audio device is disabled. Is this deliberate? If so, why?

    Lot's of connection failures in the WER Section of MSINFO32. I'm not sure of the significance (I think they're error reporting queries).

    Lot's of Windows Search errors in the event logs - unsure of how to proceed on those (I don't usually work on Search stuff).

    No signs of any problems with the sound card drivers.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Hi there,

    Many thanks for your response,

    I have attached a new set of fresh logs as I have made some changes since the last ones were uploaded. I have now updated the BIOS for the motherboard and firmware for the SSD so far things seem to have improved. The reason for disabling the AMD audio device is because I only use the Creative Sound Card for Audio, thanks for confirming that the sound card drivers are ok.

    I would be most grateful if you could please take a look at the new set of the logs and report back on how things appear.

    Many thanks,
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    All I see is some networking errors. Maybe try:
    - download fresh networking drivers
    - uninstall the current networking drivers
    - install the freshly downloaded drivers
    - monitor for further problems.
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    Thanks for your further response,

    I have tired some different drivers this evening and run into issues with the PC refusing to connect to the internet at all. So I have restored it back to an earlier point during the day. I suspect that there will be a few errors showing in the log but I have just attached a final copy of the logs for you to analyse and advise if there is anything majorly wrong?

    Many thanks for your help.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Let's try something else here. Please upload this report:

    Open EventViewer.msc (CTRL X ... V)
    Expand the Custom Views section
    Right click on "Administrative Events"
    Select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
    Save it with an easily recognizable name (such as Admin)
    Zip it up and include it with your next post.

    This report is a collection of errors/warnings collected throughout the WER structure. It may have some more clues for us.

    It looks like you just installed Acronis. Please be sure that it's the latest, Win8 compatible version. If not, please remove it immediately!!!

    Lot's of errors similar to those in this topic: Numerous event id 10016 errors win 8 pro 64 bit
    Try the fixes that cluberti suggests (I googled the AppID from the error messages - I didn't check the CLSID)
    Log Name: System
    Source: Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM
    Date: 2012-12-10T21:34:43.302
    Event ID: 10016
    Task: N/A
    Level: Error
    Opcode: Info
    Keyword: Classic
    User: S-1-5-21-3961912165-1007073632-732280839-1001
    User Name: LIVING-ROOM\Chris
    Computer: Living-Room
    The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID
    and APPID
    to the user Living-Room\Chris SID (S-1-5-21-3961912165-1007073632-732280839-1001) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your response, I will work through the steps for error ID 10016. In the meantime I have attached the requested event logs many thanks.

    Edit - I have now gone ahead and completed the steps so hopefully that error message should no longer appear in the event logs.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Nothing in the event viewer logs that I could see.
    There are errors and warnings - but they are one's that I routinely dismiss
    We may have to revisit them if the problems continue.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro


    Thanks for your response,

    I have checked through event viewer and its currently showing some errors such as DistributedCOM event id 10010 and also some Kernel pnp errors which seem to be linked to a storage device.

    Do you know if these errors are likely to cause problems or can these be ignored for the moment? Thanks have improved since I have updated the BIOS and firmware on my SSD.

    Many thanks for your continued assistance.
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