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Another Random Windows 8 Freezes thread

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    Hi All, my laptop finally sent me around the twist with about 30 freezes in one afternoon and most of them different. I tried Ubuntu and it all looked great for about five minutes and then the dreaded freeze. I tried Mint 14 with the same result. I documented the freezes and the errors and contacted ASUS. I was expecting problems but the whole process was really painless. I explained all that I had done to isolate the error and they agree with me that it is probably a hardware problem so they sent a courier to pick it up and they will have a look at it in their Parramatta Service Centre. Will post results when it is returned. Thanks jmv2009 for trying to help.



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    Looks like this one is solved. Called ASUS and they said looks like a hardware problem. Packed and posted it to the service centre at Parramatta and there were delays because it was Christmas but it was very painless thanks to ASUS. They rang to confirm that they ran some tests on the HDD and it failed. I did run chkdsk and it passed every time. I received the laptop back yesterday and it is running very nicely thank you. I am enjoying windows 8 without the freezing.

    Thanks to jmv200 for your interest, regards,

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Another Random Windows 8 Freezes thread
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