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Chrome Constantly Crashes Computer

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    Chrome Constantly Crashes Computer

    Hello everyone.
    Since I have gotten a new computer, with Windows 8 64x, when problems come up, I don't know how to fix them.
    Being a constant user of Chrome, I had gotten accustomed to using the browser, and for the first two days, it worked fine. After that, the computer randomly reboots, often when I'm on Chrome. Running the Windows Debugger, I decided to have a snoop at the Dump file. Apart from complaining about kernels, and wrong resolution, it had come to the conclusion that the file: mcupdate_AuthenticAMD.dll was the potential culprit. The recommended tool in the stickied post has had complaints from IE, so I'd rather not download it at such a state.

    From what I've researched, it is a normal file, probably coming from the online AMD Catalyst drivers, though I don't know if it has come from the CD. I had used it in vain, to try to install initial drivers, and after the motherboard's drivers failing, the AMD ones actually worked, to my surprise.

    There is no BSOD when it restarts, just a sudden black screen, no input, then back to boot. I would really appreciate any help.

    This is the computer I am using. Apologies for the lack of information on their website, and being unable to check myself, I'm afraid to look inside, for it may void the warranty.


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    I notice the system come with 16 GB , is it 4 or 2 sticks ? I ask because sometime with 4 sticks of ram you have to increase the voltage in the bios, as 4 sticks draw more current and it drop the voltage ,
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    It is four sticks of RAM. I'll check the voltage, and increase it if necessary. What should the voltage be be, and what should I set it to?
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    This is not as easy as it look. First I have to know the exact model of the RAM, after the exact model of the motherboard, so I can look in the manual to indicate you exactly what to change.

    Aside it can be other thing to , like a bad ram stick anyway in both case , first I would like you try memtest, you make it run all the night when you are at sleep - Memory Diagnostic

    go on the free download link at left, you have to create a bootable cd to run it
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    I'll be sure to do so, if I can find a rewritable DVD around the house.

    Just a thing to note, it never does this while running IE (To my knowledge), or while running Video Games, both high, and low end.

    As for the model, most of it should be in the 'My System Specs' thing on my profile. Unless you mean model number and things like that, then I might have a bit of trouble, but I should get it done.
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    Ya I read your post again and you seems to have also a problem with the video driver , I'm not sure I understant the part of no BSOD and restart, do you means 1- the computer restart or 2- it'S just the monitors that turn black and return after

    for 1- it's why I suspect RAM
    2- will not be RAM,, because I have this kind of Video Card kernel problem before and the PC never reboot, only the monitor turn back for a second and come back with a message that it recover from a Nvidia Kernel crash

    I think we have 2 problems, nit just 1
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    The entire computer does restart. Should be RAM in thas case then, as it does show the boot sequence, and take me back to Start. I'll do Memtest tonight, and post what it has to say when I can.

    So far, thanks for being so helpful. Though it wasn't a massive issue preventing me from using the computer, it is rather annoying.
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    Will be more easy for me if it was not the language barrier, but good thing is , I improve my English every day here, this is the main reason I come too.
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    You're still better at it than my peers. Honestly, I feel like I'm stood in a circle of idiots, each time I go to school.

    Anyway, it turns out we don't have any rewritable DVDs, because our neighbour took them a while ago to 'Burn a movie onto it'. Never happened. I'll be able to get a new set Friday, as that's when I'll have the money. A bit of a shame.
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    I had a restart like that with no BSOD but it was my Intel processor on VMware Player. It's now fixed (new version of Player).
    This is not related to your problem but new pc's mean trouble in begin.

    Regarding the graphics:

    Have you tried updating the video drivers?
    Chrome uses graphic acceleration.

    Since IE also uses graphic acceleration but doesn't crash, you can consider trying newer Chrome version to see if it helps (version 25 beta for example). Normally there are bugs to fix related to newer graphic cards, chipsets and cpu's.
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Chrome Constantly Crashes Computer
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