Driver Verifier stresses drivers. If the driver that fails because of Driver Verifier is one that's loaded early in the boot process - it's gonna fail early in the boot process. That's the price of using Driver Verifier.

That being said, there are several different things that you can do to "get around" this.
First is attempting to get into Safe Mode and disable Driver Verifier from there.
Second is to use a System Restore point to set the system back to a point before you started using Driver Verifier.

The second method requires a bit of preparation:
- set a System Restore point BEFORE enabling Driver Verifier
- create a System Repair Disc so you can boot to System Restore
- test the System Repair Disc to be sure that it works and that you can access System Restore when using it

Further suggestions at my Driver Verifier webpage: Driver Verifier Settings