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No dump files are being written, although configured to

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    No dump files are being written, although configured to

    My (Win8 Pro 64 bits) system crashes time after time.

    I configured it to write minidump files, using small memory dump (256K).
    It is configured to save the files in %SystemRoot%\Minidump.

    I'm checking the /windows/minidump folder, but it's always empty.

    My questions:
    1. Why Windows doesn't write that minidump files?
    2. How can I figure out, why my machine is crashing time after time, without that info?


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    The next time you crash follow these instructions; lets see what you have
    Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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    I'm aware of those instruction, and I was trying to use it, but no dump info was available.

    I'm trying to understand why the dump files, are not being saved at all.

    Thanks again.
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    If windows bsod's before the page file has been opened it can't dump, or if the page file is corrupt it can't read the dump on next boot. As stated above always a way around
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    Since Windows is installed on SSD drive, and I have 8 Gigs of RAM, I've configured Windows not to use paging file at all.

    Could that be the reason why no dump is being saved at all?

    (Working before with Windows 7.. no problems at all).

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    Highly likely. And if you have an ssd why no page file?? Its half the speed advantage. Well each to there own. I would say turn page file back on and see how you go.
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    As far as I know, using pagefile on SSD is unnecessary, and might shortened the SSD life.
    That's why I did that.

    I will turn it on now whatsoever to see how its go.
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    Here I go again.

    The system crashed again.

    Attached is the info, still no dump at all. Still wonder why..

    Thanks for your help!
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No dump files are being written, although configured to
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