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Multiboot failure / Non Complete Installation

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    Multiboot failure / Non Complete Installation

    Alright so yesterday i was trying to get windows 8 to work on multi-boot. so i made a new partition and the files copied over fine and then the computer restarted and it tried to continue installing but it encountered an error. so i assumed it needed more space because the partition was less the 25GB(which is what microsoft recommends). so i deleted all of the files from the old installation(so i could have a fresh install) and i made the partition bigger and then i ran the installer again. all the files copied over no problem but when the computer restarted i did not have the option to choose windows 8 or windows 7 it just automatically loaded up windows 8 which is not even fully installed yet. so now it keeps booting into the windows 8 version of the windows needs recovery page and it says "the Boot Configuration Data for your pc is missing or contains errors(\boot\BCD)"

    so i have tried making a windows 7 repair usb but i cant access my hard drive for some reason, is just doesnt recognize it. so my question is how can i access my harddrive or its partitions. i'm certain i can fix this if i can do that. i also dont want to open up my laptop to take the harddrive out.

    Thanks in advance

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    You ran the installer?

    DO you mean you made an iso file and are doing this by booting dvd/usb ?

    If you are, there is an option "repair my computer" at bootom left of the "install now " screen .

    Give that a run and see if it helps.
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    oh yeah should have mentioned that I have windows 7 on a usb and i'm trying to either do a fresh install(not my favourite option) or just repair windows(not working out so far). I have tried the "repair my computer" option many times but it hasn't done anything. It won't let me install windows 7 again it says "restart the computer and let it boot into an older version of windows and then try upgrading again"(paraphrased)
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Multiboot failure / Non Complete Installation
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