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Crashes While in Sleep or Hibernate / percsas2.sys

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    Crashes While in Sleep or Hibernate / percsas2.sys

    Every morning since I installed Win8, my PC has crashed during the night. The first two nights I put it into sleep mode, the third into hibernate. Everything works fine during the day...

    I ran a crash analyzer (see attachment) and it is pinpointing the problem to
    ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x7B040) and percsas2.sys.

    I have tried to update percsas2.sys, but I can't find the newest driver anywhere, not even on the manufacturer site.

    I don't have a Win8 DVD, I upgraded from Win7, so I can't do a full, clean reinstall.

    Any advice? Thanks!

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    I have the same problem on a Dell Precision T3600 after upgrading to Windows 8. I notice your computer name included T7600, so I presume you have a Dell T7600. Neither of these are on the list of models supported in Windows 8.

    I have tried updating everything that I can from the drivers and firmware available from support, but the PC still crashes whenever it wakes up from sleep or from hibernation. The problem seems to come from the PERC H310 Raid adapter card from Dell, which is annoying, as I don't even need it - I have just one SSD in the machine.

    I have the reporting to MS switched on, so hopefully this will get fed back to Dell. There is a reasonable chance that Dell will fix this, especially as they still sell the Precision T3600, although I would not bet my life on it.

    So far, this is what I have come up with:

    1. Never sleep or hibernate, just power down.
    2. Wait until Dell release a fix.
    3. Plug the single SSD direct into the motherboard and get rid of the raid adapter (I am not sure if this is safe or possible, so I am going to ask about this on SuperUser before I try this).

    My fault for buying another Dell, I guess. I should have known better after my last Dell purchase.
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    Windows 8 x64

    Further to my previous post, I have found that hibernation does not trigger the crash (sleep set to never). I know that hibernation is less than ideal for an SSD, but it is better than crashing, and hopefully this is going to be temporary.
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    If you are using just one SSD, I would remove the PERC card. It will work fine and give you the full 6 GB/s connection. The Perc Card is only needed if you want more that 2 Drives. I have an SSD hooked up directly to the System board and then 2 HDs hooked up to the PERC card in a RAID 1. In my case, I have had to turn Sleep off, but for you, the SSD will work better without the PERC card anyway, it actually slows it down.
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Crashes While in Sleep or Hibernate / percsas2.sys
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