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Mail and People not Syncing after October Update

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    Mail and People not Syncing after October Update

    Ok, running RTM/9200...

    Working fine, however as everyone has heard, MSFT was running some final updates to their core native metro apps.

    Today "People| updated and Mail was yesterday for me.

    After both those updates, the apps no longer sync the same. So if I am typing an email and try to add a recipient by typing their name or clicking the "+" it tells me there is no one in my People app with email address, but if I go to People I can find the person, click their email and redirect back to the Mail app to compose the message.

    Anyone else seeing this? Anyone have any ideas?


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    1. Are you using Microsoft Account for the user profile or a local account?
    2. Are you getting any error message or error code?
    3. Is the issue confined only with Mail and Messenger Apps?

    Try the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    I would recommend you to run the app troubleshooter in the link provided and see if it helps.

    Some or all of my Metro style apps fail to run. - Microsoft Community

    Method 2:

    I would suggest you to try sync your mail and Messaging account manually and check if it helps.

    a. Open your Mail app
    b. Press Windows key + Z and select the option Sync.

    I would recommend you to check the settings of mail app and messenger apps:

    a. Open your Mail app.
    b. Press Windows key + C.
    c. Select the option settings, select the Account name.
    d. Check “ Content to Sync” and “Download New Content” Is enable and set the time.

    Note: Follow the same steps from Messaging app as well.

    Method 3:

    If you are still facing the issue then I would suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the mail and Messaging app and check if it helps.

    Step 1: Follow the steps to uninstall the app:
    a. Right click the app that you want to uninstall.
    b. Click on Uninstall in the task bar.
    c. Then click on Uninstall button.

    Note: Once you uninstall Mail apps all these apps will get uninstall automatically Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging once you install any one app in Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging all four will install automatically.

    Step 2: Follow the steps to install the Microsoft apps:

    a. Click on Store in Windows 8 User Interface page.
    b. Search for the app that you are looking for and click on the app and install it.

    Hope that solved Your Problem.
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    I have exactly the same issue. I found if I do a restore then the function works as expected, however of course the upgrade happens automatically and I end up in the same situation. I did notice my people app mentions its "syncing" but what with or for how long I don't know, as I left the computer running with the app open for some time and it never completed.

    I'll try some of the above suggestions tonight...
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    same issue

    Im having the exact same issue and have uninstalled/reinstalled and it does not fix it. I have posted on the Microsoft forum but no one has responded. Any help is appreciated.
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    I have now found I have a level of syncing between the mail and people app but the syncing is working on the incorrect fields!!! For example when in mail, when typing a name in to the "send" field the searching from the people app only seems to look at the email fields so will only show email address for people if the characters happening to be in the email field. so if a person uses an email with their actual name then I get lucky, else this feature is not very useful... I am not sure why it suddenly started searching on the incorrect field..
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    Same issue here...
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Mail and People not Syncing after October Update
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