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Great Mouse feature in IE10 - might also exit in IE9 don't know

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    Great Mouse feature in IE10 - might also exit in IE9 don't know

    Hi there
    I like the Dynamic text size feature in IE10 -- when you hold CTRL and use the scroll wheel on the mouse in IE10 the text size changes dynamically -- much better method than using the ZOOM menu on the IE menu which gives you fixed values of zoom only (even if byou can enter your own zoom amount %).

    (This is in Normal IE10 -- not the metro-ized one -- I never use that version but I'd imagine the same technique would work).

    (Incidentally this method also changes the ICON sizes on the desktop too --if you have any).


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    Been a feature of chrome and FF for a s long as I can remember.
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    This works in IE 9 in Win 7 also, as well as in most (maybe all?) Office 2007 / 2010 apps. Probably more, but I haven't tried everything :-)
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    That has been a feature in IE for a long time.
    And Windows
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    Wow, way to be current Jimbo. IE has only been doing this since IE6, but that's because the "zoom" feature was first introduced at that time. Ctrl-+/- just changed the text size prior to that since.. I think at least IE3. Windows mouses have supported this since the first scroll wheel.
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    It can also be used to shrink/grow the size of icons on the desktop in both Windows 7 and 8... Quite cool!
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Great Mouse feature in IE10 - might also exit in IE9 don't know
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