Guys please help every time I try to access facebook on google chrome it keeps redirecting and gives an error "Facebook has redirected you too many times" and I have to delete my cookies every time just to access facebook which is annoying becuase before this never happens and I don't know what cause it or how to fix it.

I tried...
-Deleting cookies and cache but this is just a temporary fix and I have to do it again every time I access facebook
-Same thing happens on Incognito mode
-I have scanned my computer with Avira Antivirus, CC Cleaner and also using sfc/scannow using command prompt and it comes out no virus was found and no errors
-My antivirus and plug-ins are the same and facebook works fine before even with plug-ins that I have now and my antivirus enabled so I'm sure that's not what's causing it.
-My Google Chrome browser is also updated
-I also tried reinstalling Google Chrome as well it still didn't work
-I tried accessing other websites and all we're accessible without any problems only facebook was experiencing this issue
- I also don't want to delete my google user profile for I will lost all my important files or use system restore for I will also lost all my applications that I just installed that's something I can't do if you have any other alternative fix rather than this two that would be great.