Running Windows 8 on a Lenovo Y410p.

I installed Fable: Anniversary and started playing for the first time, and I was messing around with the screen resolutions, switching from 1080p to 720p to 900p and back to 1080p, within the game. Then I closed Fable, and unistalled it. Then when I opened up chrome, I noticed that something was off. I had to go into my advanced settings and lower my page zoom to 90% (It's usually at 110%). I knew something was up, because resolution in Windows Display settings was 1920x1080, so nothing was wrong there. So i basically had to re-adjust the zoom on all my favorite pages, to get them back to how I like it.

But now I've run into another problem, the chrome address bar is too big. This ( is a screenshot I took earlier in the day, and this ( is what it looks like now. If you look at them side to side, you'll notice the differences up top, where the address bar is and where the tabs are. Also notice how all the bookmarks don't fit anymore in the newer pic. Anyone know how to fix this? I already updated my graphics card drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome as well.