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How To Use Chrome WITHOUT VPN

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    How To Use Chrome WITHOUT VPN

    Basically, i have a VPN installed (Hotspot Shield) am using it for hiding my ip when i use some programs like skype or Teamspeak, but (obviously) it makes my browsing experience slow especially streaming videos, this forces me to close the VPN everytime i want to use chrome and other programs at the same time.
    So am looking for a way to make my chrome browser bypass the VPN and use my local ip and DNS while its working for other programs, anyone knows how? Btw i have windows 10 xD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalbulls View Post
    It's not possible, because openvpn works on a lower level than a browser proxy.
    You can route specific IP blocks (such as those owned by steam) over the VPN though.
    Nope, i just used WTFast and it works for a specific program but i have to pay a few bucks, thanks anyway.
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How To Use Chrome WITHOUT VPN
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