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IE11 and screen Sizes

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    IE11 and screen Sizes

    I have come back here because I have an IE problem but in Win 10. IE11 icon on desktop would not open in max (not full) view so it was suggested I go into properties and change screen to max - it worked great and IE11 opens every time on max BUT - all my net icon shortcuts on my desktop continue to open in small window????? IE is default by the way.

    Anybody here got any suggestions on how to ensure ALL web pages in IE open maximised. I do not want full screen (F11) as I use the toolbars a lot

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    Looking around google I found a possible solution that I now remember was thought up when 11 first came out, or even earlier. I tried it and it works, but not in all bookmarks but up to now, a few.

    Click on icon to open web site in IE if default. Then open same site again. Open it to max screen using cursor and drag, then close first link in tabs, leaving second link fully max'd. Using File and Exit, close it. Then, from then on it should open in max.

    As this is an ongoing problem that has plagued IE users for many months now, surely MS can get off their backsides and fix it to open max as standard!!!!
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IE11 and screen Sizes
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