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All browsers eat over 1GB of memory

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    does malwarebytes premium, Which I believe has RealTime Scanning, along with Kaspersky maybe RealTime Scanning could be causing an issue.. you never know..

    also did you run Firefox in SafeMode?

    although the fact you say this happens in all browsers means it's more like something like Malwarebytes Premium and Kaspersky running together trying to check things at the same time or something along those lines..

    you have to think like that..

    your next best move is to restart windows in SAFE mode with Networking and then go to that website and I GUARANTEE you will not get that memory problem showing you that it's something you have installed.. or a setting you choose wrong.

    restart in safe mode with networking and go to that website..

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    Windows 8.1 64bit

    Sorry I took so long to get back, stuff going on. I did start in safe mode and it made no difference.
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    I don't believe that.. you have to show pictures..

    If you are in safe mode and still getting memory over 1gig like that, you have a problem with the web browser itself (need to refresh or reset the web browser,) or you have a serious memory leak...

    I showed you on my computer what memory was after using it for a long time and opening the 2 web pages..

    Should I try again on Chrome? I used firefox.. and even better, you want me to start in Safe mode and show you the difference in memory then?

    get Process Explorer..

    its time to get to the bottom of this absolutely Ridiculous problem..
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    Also notice :

    Click image for larger version

    IF what you are saying is true, you have a deeper rooted issue.. if that is the same result in Safe mode..

    Which drivers get loaded in safe mode? - Windows Help

    here it is right now again and this time I opened 7 Tabs with the 2 pages!##$@

    look at the memory!!

    Reset your browser!!

    Click image for larger version

    you reset by this..

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1 64bit

    I reset Firefox, didn't fix the problem. And this was in safe mode.

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    the next thing I can think of is process explorer time..

    we'll probably have to look at firefox and see everything it's doing..

    but also in a completely different direction... most will argue it's not a bad thing truthfully that your computer is using it's ram.. in fact, you'd want your computer to use as much ram as possible as its the next best most efficient method of reading and writing data.. extremely fast etc..

    you actually want your computer to use as much ram as possible..

    based on that note, I need to find out why my computer doesn't use a 1 gig! haha

    I wish others would chime in here too.. there are many here who are much more literate in programming and memory management than me who aren't chiming in!
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    I downloaded Process Explorer (and ran it) but I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it, or be looking for. Sitting here with 1 tab (this site) open, Firefox is using 229MB. 8 tabs open, usage is 480MB.
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    Some of these are very annoying.. but it's a start.

    I have to shower and eat.. so i can't help right now.. but maybe later tonight.. if you are on

    this is to atleast show you how to use it.. maybe the 2nd video is better.. but watch them.. as boring as they are..

    or this one,..
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    Windows 8.1 64bit

    I've looked at everything that's listed and there are no usual programs running. I have a pretty good idea what should/shouldn't be running. I done the same with Win95, Win98, XP and now 8. When I fired them up for the first time, I opened Task Manager and noted what was running. If I didn't know a program/process, I Googled it.

    As for Kaspersky and Malwarebytes running together, there's never been an issue. I've had KIS in for almost 2yrs and Malwarebytes for almost a year.
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    You know what! i never thought of this, but do you have intel rapid storage or anything like that cache type program that might be doing that??
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All browsers eat over 1GB of memory
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