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Youtube appearence problems related to Firefox's Adblock

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    Youtube appearence problems related to Firefox's Adblock

    Okay, so recently, Youtube started to look weird. It had no style, and basically was problematic. I thought I caught a virus, or YT was conducting something from their end; no viruses or anything found, and YT was working from other sources. Long story short: I tried disabling add-ons, and once I shut off Adblock Plus, it worked fine. This was strange that it would do that, even stranger when I got Adblock for Youtube and it works for that, but if you put both add-ons on at the same time, YT goes back to being problematic.

    So, how do you fix this? I want Adblock or something similar to Adblock to be running to avoid any adds popping up, but I want to use YT too. And I don't like having to enable and disable add-ons just to use YT then surfing the web separately.

    Is there a way to fix this?

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    Sorry but adblock discussion is against forum rules -

    Thread closed.
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Youtube appearence problems related to Firefox's Adblock
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