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Mind blowing sync issue in IE 10 desktop. Favorites magically reappear

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    Mind blowing sync issue in IE 10 desktop. Favorites magically reappear

    By the way this is all about IE 10 DESKTOP version, not Metro.

    1. Mesh is uninstalled from ALL of my pc's. AND I stopped any Mesh activity before I uninstalled it.
    2. Then I turned OFF Browser Sync (in pc settings) on both my laptop and desktop that are running Win 8 RP
    3. Then I deleted the entire contents of the favorites folder from both machines.
    4. now I have NO favorites on either one.
    5. I wait a few minutes to make sure whatever sync operation may be happening on the servers is done.
    6. Then I turn Sync back on on the desktop and after about 1 minute, favorites begins to populate itself.
    7. I turn sync back off then I delete the entire contents again.
    8. I go over to the laptop and turn sync on over there and favorites once again begins to populate itself.

    So now I have a reproducible "bug" I THINK.

    One additional clue and the one that led me down this path, was that I make great use of the Favorites Bar at the top of the IE 10 Window. The links that reappear up there, when I find their properties, they say they are located here:
    Even though I cannot find that location using Windows Explorer at all. The files do seem to actually be located in C:\Users\Jimmy\Favorites\Favorites Bar

    So here we are. Any thoughts, anyone? Am I the only one?


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    Hi. Are you signing into 8 with an administrator .Live account?
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    Yes. I'm going to install Win 8 on another computer, with sync turned off on all but the new computer, and see if it populates favorites again, without installing the skydrive app. That should tell us something.
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    Would you mind if I ask in which Window 8 version are you using, is it Consumer Preview or Release Preview?
    For I know there’s a lot of problems from the 1st release better if you will install the Release Preview.
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    Hi, I have the exact same problem in Windows 8 RP Build 8400. And I've ecountered it before, when I was syncing two Windows 7 machines with Live Mesh. Back then it was enough to delete the Favorites folders on both machines and wait a couple of minutes to fix the problem.
    If you search for "favorites reappear" on the internet, you will find lots and lots of people with the same issue. It's an old one, some Microsoft Answers posts date back to 2009 and IE 8 (!!). Unfortunately there is no sign of a solution, just abandoned threads and generic suggestions to "check for malware" or reset the IE settings (which I've also done.)

    It's not all favories that keep coming back. If I delete them completely, just 2 random folders reappear. These 2 folders really are random, I've created them myself and there are absolutely no links in them that I didn't put there myself. Just to be clear: It's not malware that reinstalls some ads it wants me to klick - it looks like some sort of sync issue.
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Mind blowing sync issue in IE 10 desktop. Favorites magically reappear
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