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How do I delete an address from the Mail APP?

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    How do I delete an address from the Mail APP?

    You would think this would be simple, but... (Note, I rarely use the Windows Mail App for sending email).

    When I write a new message and start to type the email address, a list of matching addresses pops up. The problem is one of those addresses is invalid, I want to delete it, but I can't even find out where it is stored.

    When I click on the little people icon in the Mail App, it shows a few frequently used addresses, but the bad one isn't there. When I click on Browse Contacts, it opens the People App, but says "We couldn't find email address for you contacts". If I open the People App from the Start Menu, it show a hand full of contacts that don't have email addresses.

    How do I find and delete this bad address?

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    QUITE LOOKING! I FOUND IT! And man is it convoluted!

    I found a solution here: Windows 8 Mail App - how to delete autofill email address? which points to this YouTube Video:

    It seems the format has changed a bit though, so here are the steps updated to the current (as of this date) formats of the screens:

    What you are going to do is add the bad address to you contact list, then delete it in 12 easy steps

    1. You start typing the email address and the auto complete list of addresses pops up.
    2. Select the address you want to delete - it will go into the "To" field.
    3. Right Click on the "To" field.
    4. Select "See Details". Another window will pop up showing the email address and "Add Contact"
    5. Click on "Add Contact".
    6. Click the "Save" icon, and "Save as New Contact".
    7. Close both the Mail (Delete the Draft) and People Apps.
    8. Open the People App from the Start Menu
    9. Open the contact you just added.
    10. Right click anywhere on the screen.
    11. Click on the Delete button at the lower right of the screen.
    12. Confirm the Delete.

    The contact is now deleted from the People and auto complete email list.

    Easy Peesy!
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    Good question... and reply.

    It has always been stupid the way this works in the Mail app, because if a contact changes their email address and you update their contact details, when you create a new email it still shows their old email address in the list, meaning emails keep getting sent to their old address.

    It's things like this that highlight how the quality of Microsoft programming has really gone downhill. They don't seem to be able to think ahead anymore or consider real life usage of their software. And then they wonder why people shun store apps and stick with using proper desktop software.
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How do I delete an address from the Mail APP?
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