Sorry for my bad english. If I receive an answer, I can read and understand but writing is a desater.

My computer works with Win8.1 and explorer 11 / Antivirus AVG free
A lot of websites work without any problem but a few websites doesn't work at all.
I receive the following answer: Oops! Page Not Found
Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found.

This problem will occur with:
Vanden Borre | Audio, TV, Multimedia, Elektro, Telefonie
or with

Praktijken in samenwerkingsverbandsverband - Praktis - Dr. Van Eygen S. & M. - Dr. Comer - Dr. Lannoo - Informatie dokter Emmanuel Comer >I can open this page. I need to clikck on the right side
Dr. Emmanuel Comer and then it goes wrong.

Thanks for any help.