We appear to have a dodgy connection with talktalk server - this has been happening for a few weeks - affecting random emails - but now we've completely lost the connection - and talktalk swear there is no problem their end. We get 2 windows - first one is Log-on talktalk with user-name and password all filled in and it says "Next time you log on you'll have to fnput your password. This window has appeared quite a bit but usually you could close down, go back in to WLM and all would be well - no window - tho' sometimes you had to wait till next day - or till Mon if it was the weekend. Re passwords, talktalk made me change it yesterday - I've obviously tried putting thecnew one in - no change.
The 2nd window is Windows Live Mail error message - which says that an incorrect password was entered - not true.
Any ideas, please, anyone? I know I can use Webmail but I use email a lot for various committees - folders etc - and WLM is also easier for me to read - I have macular degeneration.