I use Mailwasher Pro to 1st check email. Within it, I delete email that I don't want to download. Then use Thunderbird to download the mail. I have 2 email accounts, Gmail and Hotmail. If I I do "Get All New Messages", it downloads them. What it doesn't do is remove the mail from Hotmail off the server. If I check Hotmail by itself, then the mail on the server is removed.

Both Accounts are set up correctly, I've double and triple checked the settings. How do I know that the mail is still on Hotmail's server? Because it shows in Mailwasher. And if I download the email again from Hotmail, I then have a 2nd copy of the original email. I can have Mailwasher delete the mail left on Hotmail, but it's a pain.

This is not a problem with GMail, only Hotmail.