Hi all -

I've been wrestling with this for a while now and cannot figure it out. I have a Dell XPS laptop with a hi res display (3200x1800). It works great for everything... except Flash.

When using anything with Flash, the text and icons are tiny. So tiny, they are virtually useless and impossible to work with.

I've tried changing the monitor resolution, but no luck. I'm guessing Flash is picking up the native resolution and sizing everything based on that, which doesn't work. The normal fixes don't work (CTRL + or pinch zoom) they make everything else bigger, but Flash stubbornly stays tiny.

Firefox is really bad, IE is a little better. I've looked in the about:config tables of Firefox, but couldn't find anything that looked promising. I've looked in the settings of both browsers and at the Flash settings panel/app. Nada.

I've also searched, but I guess I'm not using the right search terms. At least I hope that's the case - I don't want to be the only one with this issue!

So how do I force flash to be larger, whether a popup window, flash based app (Youtube video controls are almost non-existant) or full Flash based page?

Thank you.