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    Hotmail via Outlook

    I've not been taking much note of emails regarding hotmail because mine was fine, yes, was. Now I am not so sure. I have been using hotmail via outlook as my main email for about a year now. I am still on 8.1 awaiting 10, so was wondering if it will working properly in 10. Anyway .....................

    Almost everytime I open outlook to check my main email address, I get a "Sorry Outlook did not open properly and will close, please click on refresh to try again" and then something about it being their fault or similar words. I ignore it and my emails are still working. But quite a few times the programme has frozen for a few seconds then continues as if nothing has happened. I am considering going back to gmail as my main email so will be checking out the 'how to divert hotmail to gmail' thread a lot closer than before, as I deemed it unnecessary at the time.

    As I am 4 weeks away from win 10, should I wait until then, will hotmail/outlook be any better in 10 than 8, as it seems to be a bit of a disaster in 8.1.

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    I have Outlook 2003, which is old/obsolete, but it still works OK in Win 8.1. I haven't installed it in my Win 10 installation as I need to replace it with something else. I did try the Hotmail add on for Outlook 2003 one time but wanted to keep my Hotmail account separate from my ISP's e-mail account so I uninstalled it.
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    anyone got link for hotmail to gmail again, I had look but couldnt see the thread

    edit: I have added my forwarder from hotmail to my gmail account. How do I cross over all saved emails which are held in the folders
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Hotmail via Outlook
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